The Magic Of Clearing Up The Past In A Way That Makes You Proud!

Sep 3, 2014 | Prosperity, Uncategorized

your dream will come true

Everyone wants their dreams to come true.

Sometimes its the past that is seeping into your future and stopping them dead in their tracks.

If you haven’t left things behind in your life in ways that make you proud-  you know, the job you walked out of, the relationship you dumped off carelessly, the friend you blew off without talking to first, the car you just left on the side of the road after it broke down- you accumulate stuck energy. That stuck energy has a way of echoing through your life.

When you are ready to leave something, or not ready, and find yourself leaving it anyway, I hope you do it in a way that makes you feel proud.  Transitions, even the best ones, are really difficult.  Anything that upends the life you are used to living is disorienting, no matter how exciting it is.

In all of the energy whirling around when you are in a need for change, you can get angry, scared, confused and thrown off balance.  As a result, I have certainly done things I’m not proud of.  Have you?

The person who leaves a trail of heartache winds up the heartbroken one.  The explosive and tempestuous employee with seeimingly just cause and no tact winds up with more reasons to be volatile and perpectually upset.  The friend who never called you again find no one there when they need a friend.

When you try to run away and forget things they collect like piles of junk in your house… everywhere the energy piles up and creates really big obstacles that keep you from moving to a higher place.

Have you left things in a way you are proud of in your life? Do you need to go back and revisit them and make them more right?

Here are a few feng shui’d ideas to help you make peace with the past so that your future feels as unlimited as it actually is! 

Go back and make these neglected things more right, and you start to create new karma. 

Yesterday I had a very expansive conversation with one of the Buddhist Priests at my temple about dealing with uncertainty and the things we feel compelled to do to get clarity, like predictive devices and astrology and pretty much anything that makse sense where you can’t find sense in a situation where you are stuck.  I asked him, “Why does Buddhism not jive with things like the tarot?”  I had my own reasons why , but I wanted to hear the more objective perspective.

“You see, when you try to let someone  or something tell you the way things will be, it limits your life and limits your viewpoint.

The Buddhist perspective  about life is that it is unlimited and it is about making determinations and creating your life in every moment.”

The magic in this statement:  Life is unlimited… and you are …. creating your life in every moment.

Are you creating something great right now, or do you feel stuck in an old energy pattern you can’t seem to shake? 

If you scan your house you can see where things have been neglected.  The pile of mail, the unwashed laundry, the dishes in the sink, floors that need mopping, things that need repairs…

Start tending to these things and you might flash on places in your life that have been suffering from a similar neglect.

That creates a new future, an unlimited scope of possibility.

Feeling that you are the effect of the past and totally powerless to change things? 

If you feel powerless to change how things have gone in the past, write them out!  There is enormous power in expressing yourself to someone (even people who have passed away) in letters or even stories written for them.  You may not be able to deliver the writing.  Write it anyway.  See how it makes you feel.

Get grateful for everything and everyone you feel has wronged you and you free up so much space. 

No one really wrongs you when they have taught you something magnificent.

Thank that friend who did “x,y & z” that really hurt your feelings because now you know your personal boundaries.  Thank your parents for their human errors that helped you to see where you could love yourself more.  Thank your horrible ex bosses for showing you how to be a better leader.

Don’t “fake thank them”, really thank them.  See the lesson not the victimization.

Add objects to the power areas of rooms in your house – the center of the far wall from the entranceway- that remind you of how amazing and powerful you are.

Apologize for your own bad behavior.  

Fact: I can be terribly, terribly wrong sometimes and I can do things without thinking because I feel life so deeply.  While it far more infrequent these days, I am not without my own giant flaws.  You may have done, said or thought a lot of things you are not really proud of… and that’s the time to apologize.

Forgive yourself.

Ask other people for forgiveness.

Forgive other people.  Even if they seem unworthy of forgiveness at first blush, I promise you, you have no idea the pain they are in if they can act without any empathy.

Move on without that block of energy standing in your way. You are worthy of much better.

I made this video last year when I returned from Japan and spent a week reconciling a lot of the past and clearing a lot of space. I can still feel the energy of that moment and actually see it in my eyes.  Its so worth letting go of things you don;t need to cart around with you, so freeing and fantastic.

When you live with that kind of pride in life, there is nothing standing in your way.

xoxo Dana

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