All About Your Chakras And How To Keep Them In Balance!

Sep 26, 2014 | Creativity


(chakra healing)

While it may seem like a bit of a woo-woo question for me to ask, I am asking:

Are you chakras balanced?

Now, many of you are thinking: what is a chakra?


There are many philosophical ways to describe chakras.  There are religious descriptions, there are philosophical attributes assigned to each of them… but I prefer the very basic and mechanical way of thinking about these energy centers of every single body known as chakras.

We have 7 major point of energy on our body, each which contains 7 layers kind of like the layers of an onion.  These sevents points of whirlpooling life force and color actually spin out energy into the world in a clockwise direction while simultaneously taking in energy in a counterclockwise direction.

Each of these seven areas is called a chakra.

If you rub your hands together really fast and then hold them over your stomach or your throat (usually very overactive energy centers in modern society) you will likely feel the energy radiating from these places strongly.

Ideally, when balanced, our chakras reflect the health and wellbeing of our life, similar to the way that an organized home reflects and organized mind and body.

Now… Just like your home goes askew, so do these chakras.  They are affected by the environment (after all, they are interacting with the environment), the people in your environment, your emotional wellbeing, your thoughts and your actions.  The food you eat, the amount you sleep- it all affects your life force energy and that directly impacts your chakras.

Why does this matter?

Understanding chakras has helped me, personally, to understand:

    • the reasoning behind times I have been sick
    • the emotional patterns of my life and how they manifest in my body
    • the habits that are worth breaking (like when I lost my voice several times last year because I was not expressing myself well and honoring my truth)
  • the links between the body and relationships, friendships, finances and even creativity

It’s as though these spinning vortexes are messengers.  They are the “mirror” in your body that reflects grand-scheme harmony and discord in your life.

I have come to see that it’s well-worth paying attention to them!

The great big and amazing chart above breaks down all the chakras and how they relate to life in a broad sense.

If you have a sticking point issue in your life, or your body, you might want to dive deeper into studying that chakra and how to clear it more profoundly.

Now… I ask you:  Are your chakras balanced?

If not… here’s some feng shui for the:








And yes, you can also just look to your life and see how you can make small shifts to bring this energy into balance.

When you balance a chakra, it tends to show up as more balance in your life, too.

Do you believe in chakras? Are you a fan of chakra energy healing?  Let me know, as this is a conversation I would love to have!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Alice

    I went to a three hour chakra balancing workshop at my yoga school about a month ago where we did guided meditation, sound meditation with gorgeous Tibetan singing bowls, were information on how all the different chakras relate to your life and talked about how to direct your yoga/meditation practice to balance particular chakras. I wasn’t sure what to expect but over the following days I definitely felt a shift in my energy and have taken an interest in exploring it some more. I’ll email you the notes we were given xx

  2. Alisa

    I’m very interested in learning more about chakras, how to open them & how to balance them. I’m just not sure where to start. All of my chakras are out of whack. I’m attempting to try to do a spiritual cleansing to rid myself of all the negativity and to break this cycle I’ve been stuck in for years.



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