Grab Some Flowers From The Market Today!

Sep 30, 2014 | Home Style

flowers at home

(bliss at home)

The simplest things can make a day special.  Forever a fan of fresh flowers, you just can’t go wrong by brining home a fresh bouquet. While you can think exotic and stop at a florist for something lush and wild, a grocery store or local deli with a little flower stand will get the job done brilliantly.

If you are new here, or need a reminder, in feng shui philosophy (and growing neuroscience!) your home is a mirror of your mind.  Giving yourself this little gift of blooms can dramatically shake up your space, raising the energy and value of your space.  

flowers at home

(100 layer cake)

Yes, you can get fancy. In fact, you can experiment with some floral design if you are so inclined!  You can even pull apart those bouquets at the grocery store and come up with fantastic things.  HERE is a little basic flower arranging from Real Simple (my favorite!)  info to get you going….!

A dose of art-making is one big reason to get fresh flowers weekly.

Another big benefit is the booster-shot of color and texture, fragrance and ephemeral beauty.

flowers at home


No time for real flowers? What about paper ones!? I am thrilled that it’s the season where we make paper cherry blossom flowers at my Buddhist temple, because they last all year in my house!  If you want to learn a little paper flower creation, HERE you go! 

flowers at home

(rita konig)

Use some basic blooms to gighlight a great vase that could stand on its own… but is much better with tulips!

kelly lamb

(kelly lamb)

Collect some awesome vases and containers to hold flowers so that you are always on the ready for a burst of color and life.



And don’t forget the seasonal greatness of flowers!  Pumpkins are my all-time most cherished holiday vase.

Are you inspired to dive into the gift of joy that shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions?!  Every day is an amazing day for flowers! xoxo Dana


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