Gluten-Free Mushroom Sage Pizza!

Oct 5, 2014 | Food-Shui

gluten-free mushroom pizza

Oh how I have missed pizza, and in the midst of testing my new creativity immersion experience that is almost ready to start talking about (!) I started making a ton of the foods I grew up with… but now gluten-free!  Pizza: the final frontier!

Today’s gluten-free pizza is awesomely good and disarmingly simple.  Follow the steps for the crust and you will master it in no-time, turning out homemade pizzas in under an hour!!!


How to make pizza gluten-free and friendly for the autoimmune diet that saved my life, The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, has been a challenge.  This diet is somewhat like Paleo (grain free, processed food free) , with key differences that you can learn more about HERE.  I will be talking much more about this diet as I have noticed more and more people developing gluten intolerances and other symptoms that seem to spring from nowhere.  It has saved me from a lifetime of dangerous medication. I am grateful, and thus, super inventive when it comes to adapting foods I love to make them fit into my lifestyle.

This is shockingly good, even if you eat tons of gluten 🙂

Marilyn Wizop, the fairy godmother of all people on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, adapted this recipe for the coconut crust that I made here with extra sharp white cheddar cheese grated on an aluminum hand grater like my grandma would do mozzerlla as a child.

The only grain-free pizza crust you need to know:

2 cups (about six ounces) finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 jumbo eggs
1/4 cup coconut flour (*you can get it at Trader Joes now in the US: it does NOT taste like coconut, don’t worry!)
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt

Your oven gets set on 350.

You will need a roll of parchment paper to really make this work for you, and a big cookie sheet.  A nice big plate to help with flipping is great to have as well.

Mix it all up in a bowl.  I mix it far longer than I think I need to: the thing with coconut flour is that it can be a real drag to find lumps of it in your baked goods.  Mix and mix and you will break up any clumps of coconut flour.

Put parchment paper down on one big cookie sheet.  Ball up the dough and drop it onto the center of the sheet.  Place another sheet of parchment over it and press down to form a circle, smoothing it out as you go.

Once you have a relatively flat circle (think: thick crust pizza), peel back the top layer of parchment and set it aside.  Use your fingers or a spoon to gather up and smooth the edges to look more “pizza-like”.

This goes in the oven for 15 minutes.

While that is in the oven, you can start the simple topping (or pull together any topping you want!)

After 15 minutes, grab some very great potholders and pull out the crust from the oven.  Grab your old top parchment paper, place it back over the top of the crust, and then place a large plate, face down, over the crust covered with parchment paper.  With one hand, hold the plate firmly to the cookie sheet, so that your hand is solid on the bottom of the plate.  This hand will hold the crust in the plate soon.  With the other hand, lift the sheet and flip the sheet over so that you now have the crust on the plate in your hand.

Put down the cookie sheet.

With a quick slide, pull the parchment paper gently and ease the crust off the plate and back onto the cookie sheet.

You are now ready to bake for 15 more minutes on the other side!

Once it is done baking, take the crust out to cool, leaving it on the tray.

Add your toppings and any cheese you like, pop it back in the oven or the broiler for a few minutes to melt, and you are good to go!!!

Mushroom Sage Topping 

3 medium portabella mushrooms, wiped clean and sliced into substantial yet thin slices.

5 or 6 fresh sage leaves

2 handfulls of organic cherry tomatoes

more shreded cheese of your choice

sea salt & pepper

lots of olive oil.

To make this: liberally coat the pottom of a saucepan with olive oil (not virgin, its not great to cook with thick virgin olive oil).

With the flame on low, add the mushrooms and let them start to sautee.  I do this slowly to bring out the carmelization a bit.  Note: after 5 or 6 minutes, the mushrooms will soak up the oil.  Add a bit more and flip them over in the pan.  Add the torn up fresh sage leaves, a shake of salt and pepper and continue the mushrooms in the pan until they feel meaty, look golden and smell incredible.

Take the mushrooms out of the pan, leaving a bit of the oil behind.  Add the cherry tomatoess and cover them on low heat, checking regularly.   Salt and pepper the tomatoes and once they “burst” take them off the heat.

Assemble the tomatoes, mushrooms and more fresh sage on the pizza crust.  Cover with your choice of cheese and pop back in the oven or broiler to melt everything to amazing!!!


xoxo Dana



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