5 Things I’m Loving This Week… All About Los Angeles!

Oct 31, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

los angeles city sunset

This week, I have re-fallen-in-love with Los Angeles!  I am always interested in finding the new in my city of Angeles, but truth be told, it gets old sometimes. I find myself staying home and having more fun writing and playing with my dogs.  This week, though, it all started to become novel and awesome.  Whether it was the Rock & Roll Movers van that drove past and looked like it was being helmed by five hung-over dudes from the 90’s or the discovery that people eat cricket flour as superfood, the new-ness of my city is a massive lot of inspiration!

Sunset Psychedelic. The first thing to love about Los Angeles is not just the painted skies of a sunset… but also the fact that during a big sunset, just about everyone in the city Instagrams, Tweets, Facebooks and stops to see it!  It’s rare to have that much unity anywhere, nevermind a city like LA!   What a utopia moment, everyone looking at the same thing in admiration…

raw food

Raw food mania.  This snapshot of the menu at Juliano’s latest raw food spot on Santa Monica dives home just how unique the wellness scene is in Los Angeles!

shephard fairey

The art on walls, even in alleys, is unreal.   Nothing like turning out of horrible traffic into an alley and finding a Shepard Fairey hovering several stories over you.  It was worth almost getting hit by a car twice to take this picture!

bonzai Speciality shops line the streets.  I can tell you where to get the best chopped mago in chili and lime from a street vendor, the best beads, the best buttons, the best alkaline water and apparently the best bonzai trees!  This guy makes it so fun to buy just about any kind of bonzai you could possibly want, all from the top of his car!

he's just not that into you

Colorful messages line the streets.  And of course, the best street trash and yardsale stuff winds up on the lawns in West Hollywood.  Someone clearly either 1. stopped reading relationship books and got married or 2. gave up on dating.  Either is possible!

I love my city!  I can live other places around the world , but I will always be based in LA.  Do you love where you live? This is a fundamental part of making that deep, powerful connection to your life that brings you creativity, energy and all kinds of abundance— you have to love your community!

Idea:  Go explore your city.  New bookstores.  New artisans.  Support local business. Walk into local connuity centers.  Visit the library.  Go to the park.  See what’s happening in culture nearby.  Can you join a group to walk or run? A tennis club? Museum?

On that note… I need to find a dress for the disco!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Jeanne

    I love, love, love where I live. Minutes from the parks and the water. A short trip to visit old friends and new. Can’t imagine living anywhere else! I feel fortunate that I’m here. It’s inspiring 🙂


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