5 Feng Shui Ideas To Get Powerfully In Sync With Your Life!

Nov 18, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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Typically, I don’t know how out of sync I’ve become with life until it feels like days are running me rather than me actually creating them.

Do you know what I mean?

When I am creating my days, I feel ready, open and awake.  I look more shining and alive.  I have much more resourcefulness and little problems are simple to solve… Things flow.  They are in sync!

When I have fallen off the good vibe path of life because I’ve been working too much, thinking too much or even out too much having too much late night fun, I feel like suddenly… I am catching up.  Perpetually behind.  Not thinking.  Wanting to do a million things at once because my mind is scattered…

You know these times, I’m sure.  They used to be my every single day, and occassionally they sill pop up to remind me that there’s deep power in the simplicity of staying in synch.

Daring to create days rather than be the effect of your days is a paradigm shift when you first do it, but once you try it you’ll be hooked!

If you happen to have fallen out of the “flow state” and feel yourself a bit of a victim of your schedule, your mind or circumstances that shape your life, these are my favorite expansive design ideas to get back in the flow.

5 Ideas To Sync With Life More Powerfully! 

1. Get fresh perspective. See things with fresh eyes.  If you do yoga, you know what inversions do for your perspective as you see life from upside down.  Looking out a plane window is my favorite chilling form of perspective to see life from above the clouds.  Simple things like taking a new route to walk the dogs, reading a foreign news report…. all fresh perspective.  Re-arrange some furniture in a room you are in frequently and you’ll have fresh perspective, too!

2. Try sleeping for even a week in tune with the cycles of the sun.   Try to go switch off your lights as the sun sets and leave only mininmal indoor light on… then, at least two hours before bed turn off your electronics.   Let yourself sleep with one window open just a bit to fill your room with natural light as the sun rises.  Wake without an alarm.  Here’s a great litmus test: if you aren’t able to wake up without an alarm, you probably aren’t sleeping enough.

Even a week of doing this can be a massive game-changer for your body, mind and “in sync” energy.

fuji water

3. Drink way more water. Water is the element that helps you to ADAPT and FLOW.  Any time I feel myself spiralling down the road of stress that even makes my body feel bad, I start drinking way more water.  In fact, sometimes I put a pinch of sea salt in that water to make it more absorbable.  Drink, drink, drink.   Spending some time by running water (a fountain, a creek) or just taking more quick showers can help you sport of re-set yourself, too.

4. Spend more time curious and asking and less time thinking in your head.  I know when I’ve gotten myself into a bad place in life when I’m thining way too much. Thinking, wondering, playing out imaginary scenarious in my mind… then worry takes over… anticipation… and tons of time wasted!!!

Try being curious about everything around you for even a few hours when you find yourself thinking too much.  Literally, start being INTERESTED rather than getting into the depths of your very INTERESTING mind…

This video I made sleepless this Summer (but still very in synch with Nature) is more on the idea of thinking less and getting much more interested…

5. Do some Life Detox.  Truth is, our bodies can detox themselves (to some degree, provided your diet isn’t packed with preservatives and tons of junk food), but our lives can’t detox themselves if we don’t actively make that happen!

The best place to start where you’ve fallen out of sunch with life is simple: detox the area of your life that pulls you way off your flow-state path.  For example, if you keep staying up late worrying and wondering about a tumultuous relationship, that’s your space to start detoxing.  If you are constantly feeling drained because of your coffee habit that has a negative return after a while, there’s your starting point.

And…if you haven’t done it yet, you can sign up for my free 5-part Life Detox Jump Start course HERE and do some detoxing in all the big areas of life… which is always a great idea!

xoxo Dana


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