Simple Orange Cranberry Sauce (SCD, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free)

Nov 27, 2014 | Food-Shui

orange cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce as a child was a gelled, bitter, bright red cylinder that would fall from a tin can and holds the marks of the can in its jello-like body.

Did you have this one?

Sliced into disks, it was rarely consumed but deemed vital to have on both the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.

Why would anyone voluntarily eat cranberry sauce? I just had no idea.

Until I picked up a mysteriously forign bag of cranberries and made my own.

I have been making a version of THIS cranberry sauce for years, and each time I am astonished by how quick it forms itself from a bright red cranberry slurry to a luscious, bright-orange flavored, richly gelled sauce.  If you are headed out to parties or have some leftovers to transform, this cranberry sauce is an “add to everything” amazing superfoodie condiment.

I’ve even been known to add it to simple salad dressings in the winter!

The Greatest Orange Cranberry Sauce Ever

1 bag fresh cranberries
1 cup OJ
1/2 to 3/4 cup honey  (depends on the sweetness of the juice)
thick slices of orange zest from one organic orange (I used a tangerine for the tartness)

To start, put the cranberries and OJ into a big pot.  I use a big pot because these little red berries burst and of you have a small pot they may shoot out all over the place when you open the lid to check on them!

Turn the heart to low and wait till they start to simmer.  Soon, you’ll hear berries start to burst.  Open the lid and stir from time to time. This takes about 15 minutes, to have all the berries burts and melt down into a “sauce.”

As this is simmering away, use a veggie peeler to zest the orange. Lightly run it over the orange surface removing all the orange part of the peel, and as little of the white as possible.

Once the berries are all cooked, move the pot to a cool burner on your stovetop and stir in the honey (start with 1/2 cup… the juice tends to make it sweet!) and the orange zest.

Let it cool off and store in mason jars or refrigerate in a serving bowl until dinner.  You’ll watch it turn into a brilliantly red, sweet-tart sauce…!  Enjoy! xoxo Dana



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