Let Go Of What You Can’t Change!

Nov 29, 2014 | Uncategorized

change quotesThis hazy, dream-like awesomeness spoke to one thing:

Accepting who I am.

Accepting who you are.

I know people who spend their time in self-help-mode trying to force themselves to be more interested in “normal” things or attune to “spiritual” principles that are popular for the moment… trying to be more girly or more masculine… trying to shange, fundamentally, who they are.

Guess what?  I will never be someone who chooses to lay on a beach with a virgin margarita and a perfect tan year-round: I love sitting down and writing and making things far too much to spend that much time kicked back.  Its who I am.  I’m also perhaps not as girly as I am told I should be.  I like to hang with guys, when the Jersey in me comes out my languange may be less than girly and to be honest I’ve always wanted to lead rather than follow.

Guess what I spent years trying to do? Kick back on the beach and focus on being more girly and learning to follow…

And it never worked!!!

It just wasted a whole lot of time trying to squeeze myself into molds not made for me.

Have you done this?

Sure, you can change whatever you want to change in terms of habits, routines, makeovers, nutrition and fitness.  But… your character, your talents and your personal inclinations are part of you- YOU- and that stuff is not worth changing. Develop it. Build a life that puts your best you on stage.  Create a world where you- just as you are- fundamentally you- are valuable just as you are.

You will waste far less time and find yourself far more dynamic and light almost instatly when you let go of the need to be anyone else but you.  Something to try, trust me, it’s amazing…

xoxo Dana



  1. Kim

    I’ve always tried (to an annoying extent, I think) to be myself. I’m in my mid-thirties and all of my fellow childless friends just want to hang out at bars, drinking and talking about work and other boring stuff. Not me! I love horses, travel, and organic food. I love to read (a lot) and be outside in nature. And like you, I never want to lay out on the beach and get a tan. I want to move!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • danaclaudat

      haha, it is soooo boring, right?! i hate sitting around, unless its with people who are diong things and interested in things that are wildly cool 🙂


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