Pantone Marsala Colors 2015 In Earthy Fire!

Dec 9, 2014 | Home Style



2015 will be stable and passionate! That’s the earthy, fig & wine coloring forecast of Pantone, naming Marsala the color of the year.  Marsala was the only wine in my house most of the time, a wine that was used only to make one holiday dish- marsala chicken and mushrooms that were fragrant and sweet.  I see the dark burgundy bottle in mind so clearly.

From washes of wine to deep ripe fruit plums, this year, riffs of marsala are color power.

Earthy undertones provide stability.  Rich pinks and reds light up energy.  The result is divine, unique and such an exciting time in 2015!!!


Standing on its own swatch, it seems almost rust, almost washed brown and pink… but saturated it becomes fig and wine colored bliss.



Mixed and remixed, the wine colors span a spectrum.


(house of turquoise)

This is the hotter pink marsala.


Here is the earthy side of marsala. While I’d add lots of metal to this room, you see the rich earth fire marsala tinted walls warm up all the wood.


(domaine home)

Here’s the sexy, mysterious & perfect marsala chairs.

marsala sofa

And touched with fig you can see how this shade is leagues from the cherry red chair  but still so full of power!

This my most favorite Pantine color in ages!  Perfect lipstick and handbag color, too!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Jeanne

    I love this color! And, I think when it’s used in a velvet fabric, the shade even more decadent 🙂


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