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Dec 10, 2014 | Creativity

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Stability may seem like a shabby goal, but its been- in my decade of observation- the most elusive and most wanted emotional state that I have encountered. Stability- feeling your feet planted on the ground, knowing you are safe, trusting yourself and your life- it is huge!

Today- a little feng shui’d expansive design for you to feel more stable, sure, peaceful… and ready for all the great things coming your way! 

maslow pyramid

Feeling safe & stable is the foundation of everything in Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Pyramid. If you don’t have a solid foundation of stability, watch what happens when you try to build even bigger things like a family or a creative business on top of your shaky base. It typically isn’t the greatest feeling in the world.

Stability starts with you. If you are feeling like things are a bit wobbly, too uncertain or shifting and not feeling great, stability can help you plant you feet firmly on the ground and feel at ease.

concrete loft

(miss design)

Earth makes you feel stable. Spend time in buildings like museums or galleries with concrete or marble floors, looking at art. Add more earth element colors to your life, especially in chaos times.

wood bed set

(living spaces)

Sleep on a stable bed. Strong, solid bed frames go a long way in creating a peaceful night’s sleep and a more grounded sense of wellbeing. If there’s one thing you want to be strong in your home, let it be your bed!



Think horizontal, low and solid. This concrete console is a wonderful example of grounding furniture. The weight of it really balances the room.   Horizontal lines, sitting on the ground- or even outside on the grass- and creating more of a connection to the ground will help you feel more stable.

You can even go camping for the ultimate experience of all of the above!

Don’t underestimate the not-so-glamorous quality of stability. Without it, expanding is really tricky.

Can you think of a way to make your own home feel more stable?

xoxo Dana

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  1. Kim

    I LOVE the feeling of stability. I love having my feet on the ground – I don’t really like being in the air or in the water. I also love that console!

  2. Andrew

    Thank you for this nice little article. Very good keywords to start from as I am thinking of stability in design.


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