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Dec 11, 2014 | Prosperity

purple market bankok

(Purple Market, Bangkok)

Exotic spaces to my eyes may be typical to yours. I may be jaded by the amazing things that surround me- like a Hollywood sign I basically slept beside for years-  which you may be thrilled to see.

If there’s one way to make the boldest and brightest dreams come true, it is to stay in the flow of energy- or chi- and keep it moving.

We all get used to what we have.  To keep energy moving, you need to  explore a whole lot more.

Here’s a little feng shui to move you toward greater adventure…for a very big reason! 


(french by design)

Two of my friends are headed presently to see the tallest tree in California.  Once they get there, they will stay in a cabin and spend more time with the tree tomorrow.

Why would anyone want to do this? you may think.

But… Why wouldn’t they!?!

If you see and do the same things every day, the routine becomes hard-wired in your brain. In a sense you are living the same grooved pattern on a record playing day after day.  There are variables, there are still things that pop up, but, technically, your days are a program you are watching every single day.

It’s like watching the same episodes of a single TV show or the same movie endlessly.

This leads to a very narrow set of expectations.  You know what the next line is.  You know what happens in the next scene.

In life it’s the same.  you become used to disappointment.  Accustomed to staying quiet.  Numb to the drama.  Expecting little new to happen.

Given that science has proven that we get what we expect, this isn’t really productive.

Although living in NYC was a lot for me to handle energetically (with all of the people and relentless pace), its been my experience that growth happens really fast there if you allow it since there is a set of adventures so easy to access at every turn.  On any given day, even when I tried to have a routine, there were people everywhere who could take me in new directions. Nothing is ordinary in a city that big . Everything is alive.

I remember a day after a yoga class that ended in private tours of two art collections, dinners that led to trips to Europe the next morning. Nothing was taken as a given from the start to the end of a day. Every day was fresh when you are in a big city and open to the flow of adventure.

It’s not a surprise to me that there’s a sense of coming to a city to make dreams come true. The idea of adapting and widening horizons is a built-in part of the experience of every day.

Los Angeles is a different kind of city.  People don’t walk often. Neighborhoods- even the tight-knit ones- are harder to find. Those who seek adventure will find it, but you have to seek much more.

So, living here, I became an adventure seeker.

If you are looking to make big changes and see dreams come to life, being wide open to adventure is one big burst of energy and unpredictable magic for your day.

Clinging to what you know as safe and routine can help you fall into the grooves of a record that plays on repeat.

Even keeping your home the same for many years at a time can reinforce the stuck energy.

Key to creating a wider experience of life- lighting up more of your brain- is adapting to the new.

New sights, sounds, colors, people, art, language, scent, ideas, energy.

  • Try exploring more in your own neighborhood.
  • Adventure more in art- experiencing books, plays, spoken word, theater- and see where the ideas lead you, even if they seem far out of your reality.
  • Travel more, even locally, to get a new sense of possibility.
  • Walk instead of riding. Ride instead of walking.
  • Mix up your home and shake up the energy.

All kinds of adventure is available to you if you are ready to access it.

With adventure, you start expecting new things. This is key.

Your wider expectations create new outcomes.

The way to have more success, more energy and more of the things you want that you just can’t seem to find… it might all be an adventure waiting for you…!

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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