You Can Be The Catalyst To Lift Up The World Around You!

Dec 14, 2014 | Prosperity


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I have wished for a long time I could change the world around me, and lately its become the thing that motivates me.

Since I’m just one person, and I am terribly flawed (and can have as bad of a day as anyone else) and hardly a Godlike figure, it seemed daunting at first to attach myself to something that encompassed the wellbeing of more than just me.

But… Even if I can’t lift up the world, what if there are one or two people I can be kinder toward? What if I can give more to help? What if I can do more to be more of all that peace, love, humanity and equality in myself…?

After all..We all create a universe each day on our own and in groups.  And as Gandhi famously said, we all need to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Today, here’s some feng shui about becoming a catalyst for change around you. This is stuff that I have seen work, time and again.

It is possible. Its not always easy. Its not always executed flawlessly.  But it is possible!  And its the greatest feeling ever!


Catalyzing change in the world around you has to be possible for each of us. Historically its always been the case.  People make the determination to create change, they collect other people who want change, and they funnel all this energy into big changes.

It’s been happening long before social media, long before there was electricity…

With the crushing injustices we are bombarded with in the news and in life, the horrible inhumanity… Its easy to see what in Buddhism is known as the three poisons- greed, anger and stupidity- spreading like wildfire.  But, at the very same time, the protests, the awareness and the action toward change… its all starting with single individuals and then groups that form around them…

Think about it- if you are even a little bit happier, a little more generous, a little more organized can you imagine the positive effect that has on the people around you? What about the effect on their families? The energy in the air around you? The thoughts you’ll have?

Maybe if you can plan to be a bit more of the things that you want to see in the world, you can create more of those positive effects around you.  And maybe you can inspire people to join in with you?!

Create space. Clear space gives you room to radiate, to think and to be far more magnetic.  Get rid of your clutter, not just in your home but confront it in your life, too.  Confront the greed, anger and stupidity (we all have it!) in your own actions.  See what happens when your life is more organized.  Peace is far more possible without anxiety and confusion.

Do something about it. When you hear someone yelling for help, take action. Open the door.  Make the call.  Chase the cat that got out of your neighbors house. Ask people who are clearly upset if they need help. Its one thing to acknowledge that the world is filled with problems. We all know that. It’s another to start solving them.  This really does catalyze change…and its what we are meant to do- help each other!

Pride is a big deal. Proud of yourself, proud of your life, proud of your choices. If there are things you aren’t proud of, that’s your roadmap to new choices in the New Year.

Be an example.  Not an egomanical person who preaches, but an example. The only reason that I have the circle of friends in my life that I am blessed to have is that they LIVE their stuff. They are aligned with their values.  I know who they are.  Be that kind of example, and don’t let the haters get you down. I’ve had (very quickly ex-) boyfriends tell me I am “annoyingly” happy and calm.  Don’t get involved.  Stay happy, calm and try your best to remind yourself that one day these haters, too, can change.

These are a few ways of creating the kind of space that helps you to catalyze a change around you.  Making more art, smiling more, volunteering, mentoring, sharing…

The list goes on and on.

You will never know how many people you can reach and how much good you can do if you psych yourself out of trying.

In my many years of working with feng shui clients, its the people who have a bigger mission to help themselves in order to help others that seem to  have the fastest, biggest and most gorgeous successes. That speaks volumes.  xoxo Dana


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  1. Kim

    Please know that you are changing the world around you. You are definitely changing my life for the better! Thank you!

    • danaclaudat

      xoxoxo we are doing it together 🙂


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