Ideas To Expand Your Life For More Success!

Dec 16, 2014 | Prosperity

I’m talking about expansion a lot these days as an idea for your life.  Expanding.  Stretching.

There’s a reason.

When you get more of the great things you want in life, you have to be able to handle them.

On a very basic level, you need time in your schedule to handle things: actual physical time to take care of things.  But on an energetic level- sort of the circuits of your brain level- you have to be able to handle increased energy.  Lots of it.

With success- in any way you define success- comes lots of energy.

Even when it’s super-positive, that energy can be scary sometimes. I know it’s a giant paradox but it’s true!

I’ve talked about fear of success as a real thing in the past.  It’s been studied and the reason it exists makes perfect sense.  Success can bring a rush of energy to your life which can overwhelm you and feel like anxiety or other negative symptoms.  You can read more about it HERE. 

I just don’t want you sabotaging your success because things feel… different. Or even scary.  It’s just energy.  And you can handle it. And even start crave it!

It’s like going to the gym with a trainer. The more you go, the more you can handle. To expand your ability to have more and take care of more in life, start simple and be consistent.

Stretch your body a lot.  You don’t want things to get stuck.  Every time I feel tightness or tension I take action on it immediately.  Stagnation is the worst thing for a body that is supposed to be constantly in flow. Your cells are meant to stay in a flow.

Stretch your mind. See if you can get into chess, or sudoku or another mentally challenging game. Games are like a gym for your brain.

Practice exercises to stay more present and grounded. This video is full of them!

And…. get yourself super-organized!!!  The more organized you are on every level the more comfortable you will be with the idea of taking risks. The more organized you are, the more freedom you will feel.  And the more clutter you can clear, the more you can accept success with open arms.




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