Five Holistic Ways To Sharpen Your Mind When It Feels Fuzzy

Dec 17, 2014 | Creativity

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It’s beautiful sometimes to have hazy thoughts, you know?

But in the long run, it’s a brain that is constantly growing in its sharpness and getting lit up in new ways that will serve us all through life.

If you find yourself getting hazy, lazy or just totally forgetful, it may be time to sharpen your mind a bit!


Time is either your friend or your enemy.  You decide.

Personally I find that year after year I’ve become wiser, more sharp and certain.  But… I also throw myself into hours of research and all this work that I share with you evey day… Which made me think… I wonder how much of my own work has made my mind more clear?

From all that I’ve researched, one thing is clear:  you can either settle into the idea that over time you will lose your memory, your academic prowess and your wits… or you can do something about it starting right now… wherever you are!


Challenge yourself.  have you heard of the (very true) theory that things are either in the process of growing or shrinking… and that nothing just stays “the same”? Well that holds true for your brain and your intuition, too.  Use it or lose it.   Challenge yourself with brain gym puzzles, get into debates, go see lectures at local museums or cultural centers that are out of your usual.

Really start training. Studies have show that athletes have a larger “memory bank” or striatum than non-athletes.  Working out regularly and doing more than just gentle walking (resistance training, more challenging cardio) can make a big difference.  (via ABC)

Pick a new path.  Don’t walk the same way to the store.  Take the dogs on a new route.  Even try drawing or eating with your opposite hand. When you shake things up in this way, you are forced to constanly work on new brain pathways that aren’t intuitive or typical.  It’s growth!

Have more sex.  (yes, you read it right!) According the the NY Post, ” New research has found that having sex can improve mental performance and increase neurogenesis (the production of new neurons) in the part of the brain where long term memories are formed, the hippocampus.”

Drink green tea! Natural Health Magazine reported on the brain benefits of drinking green tea, compelling enough for me to start brweing a pot tomorrow morning after a short hiatus!

“Long appreciated for its antioxidant power, green tea may be the beverage of choice for brain gains. A study at the University of Newcastle in Great Britain turned up protective benefits in green tea. “We have data from a two-year study done on a large number of over-70-year-olds that shows those who consumed more green tea had no cognitive decline over the study period compared with those who consumed less,” says Edward J. Okello, Ph.D., lead researcher of the British study. ”  (the whole article is HERE) 

And decide, no matter what, you will grow, you will constantly get better and you will be even smarter and sharper tomorrow that today.  That attitude seems to be prominent in all geniuses who get better with every day.  Like you!  xoxo Dana



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