Natural Kitchen & Bath DIY Gifts You Will Crave!

Dec 23, 2014 | Creativity

citrus salts

(platings and pairings)

Any handmade gift at any time of year is cherished… but when I get DIY gifts that are exceptional and elevate my space (art, aromatherapy, beauty products that are homemade) I crave them.

Growing up, when people would give my mom baskets of DIY kitchen & bath gifts I always wondered what happened to them. They vanished and I now suspect they vanished to a trash bin because, well, these type of progressive gifts were suspect in Secaucus, New Jersey at the time.

Things have changed!

I’ve rounded the kind of gifts I love to get… and give!  These projects are fantastically simple and space-brightening.  You can make a double batch to keep some at home to revel in your cleverness, too! 

Platings and Pairings has a citrus salt how-to (image above)  that I am dying to get as a gift!!!  Everthing from truffle salt to preserved lemons can be made faily easily and devoured by the foodies in your life.  In fact, I may be making this one for friends I am seeing soon…. Love it.

dryer balls


DoTerra has an incredible dryer-ball how-to you can make with yarn hanging out in your house.  These dryer balls act as both a fluffing agent for your laundry in the dryer AND as an aromatherapy fabric softener.  Give ’em as a gift with a bottle of excellent essential oil.  Keep them in your house, too.  Your sheets and towels will especially thank you!

cocoa bath soak

This cocoa bath soak from Classy Clutter is a luscious DIY that encourages deep relaxation!

paperwhites kit

Domaphile’s paperwhites kit in a mason jar is nothing short of spectacular.

beeswax candles

Mommypotamus- the queen of all things natural- scores huge feng shui points with these DIY beeswax candles!  Beeswax fills the air with negative ions that create a more positive environment!

coffee scrub

Offbeat & Inspired (what a gorgeous blog!) has a coffee and sugar scrub that is outrageously simple and decadent.  And yes, coffee on your skin can wake you up.  Not quite like drinking it… but it does make an impact, especially in a hot shower!

If you’ve been hesitant to DIY, maybe now you feel a bit more tempted to give it a try…?!

After all, made with love, anything you come up with is destined to be amazing!

xoxo Dana



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