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Dec 25, 2014 | Prosperity

nasa space images


This clash of galaxy clusters detailed by NASA is mind-blowing:

” As the two clusters that formed MACS J0025 (each almost a quadrillion times the mass of our sun) merged at speeds of millions of miles per hour, the hot gas in the two clusters collided and slowed down, but the dark matter passed right through the smashup.”

When I read that my immediate thought:

Everything is possible. 

everything is possible

(society 6)

Its pretty huge to contemplate the vastness of infinite galaxies, the wildness of space exploration, the miracles of science… And then to contemplate everyday life.

There’s a word that springs to mind as I watch the potentially less-skilled, less-practiced and less-studied leap over the very talented in many fields: shamelessness.

Creativity guru Julia Cameron has famously said that its often “audaciousness, not talent” that determines the success of an artist.

That’s not to say that there isn’t virtue in being quiet and austere, but it takes a certain amount of unapologetic pride to make anything possible.

After all, if you can’t stand passionately behind your views, who else will?

When doctors told me I would need to be on heavy medication my whole life 8 years ago when I was wobbling toward the ICU I had the shamelessness to challenge them one by one (all met with threats of dropping me as a patient)  and find my way to real healing.   That’s a moment I knew I could expand on what was possible.

I have famous friends who would sneak down red carpets two decades ago dying to get even one picture taken of themselves. They’d find a way into every VIP room.  Sure its perhaps not that noble to dream of fame, but its a real dream. And they got exactly what they wanted.

You can pick your own moments to re-think what is possible.  Stand up. Be shameless.

The job that is “out of your league” can be yours if you know it can… if you know you can do it, you can get it.  The relationship that is “complicated” can be uncomplicated.

The ideas you have for your world- the vision you have of your own Utopia- all starts with the confidence to hold up that vision and feed it with your energy.

One of the things I like to do when I’m shaky in confidence approaching a project is ask myself:  “Am I trying to hide in some way? Am I afraid to be myself for some reason?”

Everything from shame about my family background to shame about my wilder artist days to shame about my own thoughtlessness to shame over decisions that were right that perhaps other people could judge me for… all have weighed down my own confidence.

What about you? Do you have things weighing you down?

If you are not confident, you might find yourself dragging around lots of needless weight.  It’s  self-suppression.  You are secretly making yourself small.  Small means you’ll never have to answer for the past.

All those swirling things you hate to admit won’t come to light if you stay small.

What if they find out you aren’t a trained singer, you’re a self-taught IT professional, you didn’t really graduate from college, you cheated on the only person you ever loved… ? 

If you can own the past, you can confidently tell people these things rather than let them diminish you.

Forgive yourself.   Forgive other people.

Create space to grow.

Make good on the past by creating a much better future.  

And keep going.

Everything is possible.

xoxo Dana


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  1. LR

    Beautiful testimony here Dana
    Thanks a lot

    Like you said couple days ago :

    Are you motivated by your problems… (OR) by your dreams ?

    We all need is to stop to fill our mind with what deceived us, and just think to what belong to our dreams …

    Because our mind is the tool that connect us to what we think

    If we think about beautiful things, we became directly connected to that reality

    Have a incredible new year




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