10 Ways To Instantly Revitalize Your Home & Life!

Jan 1, 2015 | Prosperity


If you are surrounded by vitality, you will feel more alive.

Walk into a space with thriving greenery and lots of light and you will immediately feel uplifted.

Environmental Wellness is a big deal.  And today, here are 10 big ways to bring more healthy luster to your space!

wash mirrors

Energy or “life force” fills space in various ways-   people emit energy, decor creates energetic pattens, light, color, and even electrical charges and chemicals (or lack of them, hopefully!)affect our experience of space dramatically.

Here are 10 quick & very instant ways to add more vitality to your environment.

1. Wash your mirrors! natural cleaning spray, please, if possible! 

2. Give your plants a bath. and if you don’t have plants, get some!!!

3. Play with your animals. totally instant joy fills the room!

4. Swap out chemicals for more natural alternatives anywhere and everywhere. even less chemicals in your shampoo or moisturizer can make the difference!

5. Create a giant “brain dump” list to take all the to-do’s out of your head and onto a page where you can more calmly plan to do them. a big list of just about every troubling thing and pressing thing and anything else- even the good things- will set your mind free so you have more bandwidth available for today! 

6. Delete a few “negative” phone numbers from your phone. You know which ones! nirvana. 

7. Dust & vacuum under things. when’s the last time the underneath of your sofa got cleaned?!  watch what happens! 

8. Turn on some lights for a bit.  bright= fresh. 

9. Walk around and clap in your corners. sound clears stagnation. stagnation is not good! 

10. Take the junk food out of the pantry. your food has energy… make sure its positive energy! 

And…. congratulate yourself. Every step toward more high-vibe energy is a huge step!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Adelina

    Lovely article, as usual, Dana ! Happy New Year !!! Thanks for everything you wrote ! It is just brilliant and more


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