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Jan 8, 2015 | Prosperity

crystal grid

Everything is energy.  Life is all a complex system of energies swirling around and interacting with each other.

Sometimes the energy works like magic and things click into place and the results are amazing.

Sometimes the energy feels “off” and you can’t get out of bed nevermind creating a spectacle of greatness!

Why and how the energy gets lost in a day when other days it runs brilliantly has been ascribed to things as far and wide as— the position of the stars, the way the moon is full or waxing, the numerology of the date, the predictions you believe about the year, the luck you have or do not have…

But none of that is really true. Unless you believe it and let it run your world with limitation.

Energy moves to the degree and the amount that you decide it can. And today’s feng shui is about making that energy move more awesomely in your favor!

crystal grid

Crystal grids are gorgeous.  They are arranged stones that are thought to “generate” great energy in their arrangement, each stone feeding and affecting the one beside it to fuel a space-shifting vortex of good juju.

The three things about crystal grids that make a ton of sense: 

  1. They are a deliberate arrangement of things.  Nothing is haphazard. You feel that each stone will positively affect the next and you precisely place these stones in a way to optimize the whole artful creation.
  2. They are natural.  Each stone is a piece of nature and by taking nature and cultivating it in an optimum way you are calling upon its power to affect you in a life-giving manner.
  3. They are symbiotic.  The very idea that each stone affects the next, empowering each other in their connection, is a beautiful concept.


How does this apply to your space and your life? 

You can deliberately arrange things to optimize your space.  That is what organization actually is: the act of putting things in a order that helps you to access and move and function freely in your life.  You can also deliberately arrange furniture… even your daily schedule… to have more energy working for you in a given day.

You can bring more of the power of Nature into your life.  Nature is everything from plants and natural materials in your home to honoring your human nature by caring for yourself with better sleep, more Earth-borne, unprocessed food, more natural scents and sounds around you.  If you let Nature empower your days, you will find more of a natural harmony and rhythm borne of Tao connection.

You can create more powerful synergy with people.  Simply curating the people you collaborate with, have fun with, spend time with, talk with… this is an act of great empowerment.  Every great leader has a speech about surrounding yourself with positive happy and fulfilled people for a reason!  You will either be boosted up or dragged down by the people around you, so choose to rise!!!  If you don’t have these people in your life, go find them!  Do more of the activities that are calling to you and find your people. They are waiting to meet you!!!

So, you don’t have to build grids of crystals or call upon the otherworldly forces or pray for luck in order to have a life that flows.  It’s all very simple and fundamental: the more you take the actions to have more happiness, peace and flow, the more you will have!

The doing and living of these concepts is much bigger, but I just know you can do it!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana




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