Mitch Gobel’s Resin Art & Global Vision For A Better Planet!

Jan 11, 2015 | Life With Art

mitch gobel resin art

Mitch Gobel is driven by a vision.  His passion for wildlife conservation- a dream put into action to contribute great funds and raise great awareness for the planet- is a driving force behind his very large, very beautiful resin artworks.

I love stories where people have a hero (in this case Steve Irwin) and a mission (being a wildlife warrior) and actually take steps to activate that passion in life.  In this case, Mitch Gobel launched an art career that funds his philanthropy… and while its only just beginning… and it is stunning!

These are nothing short of spectacular, and well worth collecting for both their beauty and their spirit of preserving nature and humanity.

mitch gobel resin art

Sweet, unfolding… emerging…

mitch gobel resin art

Oh the lace effects…

mitch gobel resin art

This one looks like love to me.

mitch gobel resin art


mitch gobel resin art

Striking… almost like a foaming, deep sea…

You can learn much more about Mitch Gobel & his mission & his art… here!  xoxo Dana



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