A Deadline Can Make Your Dreams Come To Life!

Jan 15, 2015 | Creativity


Oh, wow, this has never been more true for me. I am in deadline month.  Until the month is over my life is a series of deadlines I have no choice but to meet.

Do you set deadlines?

Do you need a deadline?

I do a lot in a typical day.  In times of deadlines I can do twice as much.  When the deadlines matter to me (like right now), I can bend space and time!

Deadlines can make you more creative. 

Deadlines also make you more the master of your own universe, paradoxically.

Set deadlines. Honor them. Reach for them.  You might not be able to live on perpetual deadlines but time to time a deadline will light you up in a big way!!!

I’m off to go fit a week worth of work into two hours!!!   xoxo Dana


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