Simple Ideas To Bring Big Love Into Your Life!

Feb 12, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

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Love. It’s universal and all-encompassing.

I tend to think big picture. It’s in the big picture that feng shui “cures” tend to take hold more powerfully.

I’m not too fixated on whether or not you’ve found a partner yet. I’m not that sold on rules for communication in love. I’m not stressed over “manifesting” specifics.

Today, I wanted to share some very creative ideas to help you to bring more love to all of your life.

It’s the love feng shui that never fails!


Eat in a way that is about love. I was just at Moon Juice in Venice, a jewel of a next-level juice shop, and it was filled with gorgeous dusts (you mix them into juices or smoothies or water as supplements) and really vibrant plant protiens that literally felt like love.  All that energy is amazing.

Potions are amazing, but you don’t need potions to eat more like love.  Eat more intuitively and more consciously.  Don’t eat in front of a computer or a TV.  Yes, that’s right, put your phone down, too.

Eat things that look beautiful even if they are simple.

Of course, eating more food that is organic, healthy and a good fit for your body is vital, but don’t forget that food is energy and it will absorb the energy you make it with!!!  YES: cook love into your food.  I try not to cook when I’m upset and can’t shake it.  Why would I want to eat more of that upset energy?

Draw what your ideal love scene- romatic or otherwise- looks like.  What are you doing? Who are you with? What does the feeling LOOK LIKE .

Next level this idea: make it in clay or Play Dough!

It’s amazing how much more love you can see in your life when you take the abstract concept and make it more real.


Heal yourself.  If love has hurt you in the past, it can poison your future.  You can fix this. I promise.  You can let go of the hurt, transform the situation…

If you are really hurt, it takes some time and some work.

Don’t hide from it.

Seek therapy, support groups, healers, homeopathy, journals… peel off the layers…

And love anyway.

It’s very easy to retreat, to not trust any more or to love with fear (*its not really love) when you have been deeply hurt.

Do it anyway.

Ironically I see over and again that its love than helps really heal the pain.

Fill your home with loving words…

Fighting in your home can leave lingering stagnant energy. Negative words in posters on your walls can fill your home with negative ideas.  Negative, angry or forlorn music will affect your mood.

Your words have power, so speak more loving words.

Fill your home with less tension and more love. Sea salt placed in bowls around the house can help dissipate pre-existing tension.  Leave it out overnight in bowls and dump it in the trash the next day.

Keep your space clear of as much of that tension as possible.

And live it. Love isn’t mysterious or hard, despite what we hear every day.  It’s only confusing when you have expectations of other people.  And if you only love people who love you… is that love, anyway?

Love itself is easy.  Love is our nature.  Let it lift up your life.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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