An Exercise To Become More Open-Hearted & Expand Your Life!

Feb 18, 2015 | Creativity

An Exercise To Become More Open-Hearted & Expand Your Life!(via)

Did I mention I went to a famous healer recently?

It wasn’t something I can articulate fully, as the Hollywood gurus have ways and means that transcend space and time and things that I could actually put in print. In fact, journalists have gone to see this healing man only to realize, with life altered and mind blown, that there is no way to adequately express or explain what actually happened.

Let’s let that be a mystery….!

But here’s why I’m bringing it up.   I went to him not because I was sick… but because I knew I needed to expand the capacity of what I can handle in terms of energy, creativity…. I’ve produced more writing, film, teaching, art in the last 8 weeks than I have in the two years preceding it, and for the year ahead I see it unchanging…. growing… It’s the most thrilling thing in the world to watch your creative projects get wider and more glimmering… but it’s also been so exhausting, losing my voice, feeling myself struggling more than excited over time. My mind was racing, my body was sleeping for the right number of hours but not really sleeping…

I call it the Overwhelmed By Joy syndrome! Do you know what I mean?

The solution to my conundrum, and maybe the answer to being able to live bigger and brighter in general, involved having a greater capacity to freely love. Weird, perhaps. Effective: completely! 

love mandala


First, when I talk about an open heart, I’m talking about the “love energy” in your body centered in a part of your chest called the Heart Chakra.  You can learn much more about this HERE.

So, anyway, while I expected nothing but weirdness to ensue in the famous session to get a temporary boost of pleasure and energy, instead I found myself surrendering to this healer’s process of opening the energy of my heart.  (There was massage, breathing, and much more involved that I’ll let remain a mystery, too…!) I can tell you quite vividly that with an open heart, after things were unlocked energetically in my body, I could feel my hands turning warm, my feet were tingling…

Apparently when you expand your capacity to love you can handle far more on your plate.

You don’t just need an open heart for traditional love relationships.

You need an open heart to let your whole body and all your energy participate in creating every day, not just your mind or isolated parts of our body that can make us feel like a robot.

First off, here’s some feng shui to support your much more open-hearted life.  It’s prompted me to blanket more of my life in green.

Now, here’s a very simple exercise that Katherine Woodward Thomas included in the first chapter of her book “Calling In The One.” I’m sharing it because its available free in Google book preview and I just can’t say enough about the effectiveness of this very simple exercise to start the day.

calling in the one

Mind you, you don’t have to do this exactly… but it’s been so valuable to gently and regularly remind myself that my truly wide-open heart supports me in all that I do.

It’s quite amazing… I feel physically warmer, I feel far more in control of my days that are out of control, I am breezing through things that used to stress me greatly… and yes, I see love just about everywhere and in most everyone.

It’s well worth it to try expanding your heart energy. I know, this is a bit woo woo for the day, but if you can honestly say you feel open and secure and in love with life and in intimate relationships that support you, you can flip to the next post. But if you don’t feel that way- perhaps more scared, scarred, or stuck in your head- open- heartedness can flip things tremendously toward more joy!

xoxo Dana

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This hour of Feng Shui videos for love starts soon and it’s only up for 21 days a year…so if you’re ready for a lighter, brighter, more love-filled life, you won’t want to miss it! xoxo!!!


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  1. Dana

    I loved that book! The exercise that stuck with me was to clean out my closet and drawers to make room for someone else’s clothes and belongings. The author had the reader get rid of the old and prepare to make way for the new. I found it therapeutic and helpful and it worked too!

  2. Abel

    Hi Dana! Love how the Heart is so powerful and gentle in helping us find our way. Today I read how the Heart becomes enflamed with the passion of life, the passion of healing, the passion of communication, the passion of creativity, …, when we allow it to breathe. Thank you for the article! If it is okay to know who the healer is to help me on my own journey.
    Thanks again for being open in sharing so much caring and helpful information!

  3. L m

    So inspiring! Als always. Thank you!
    I love the idea of expanding capacity to handle energy! It’s so spot on for me right now! I think your stories amongst a couple of other inspirational sources have kind of unconsciously made me tap into the luvvvv source where I feel so open and hopeful. It automatically makes me surrender to the natural flow of things. If that makes sense.
    It’s also just love for yourself, or just feeling like you yourself are “love”. I think if you just look past the woo woo it’s all just common sense really!
    Thanks 😉


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