3 Feng Shui Ways To End Self Sabotage Habits!

Mar 8, 2015 | Prosperity

self sabotage

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Self-sabotage is subtle sometimes because its something we typically do on automatic, you know?  Automatically we sprial into thoughts.  Automatically we say we don’t want something while we are doing it simultaneously.  The things that we react against or move toward aren’t always the “healthy” ones or, better yet, they aren’t really in line with what we say we want.

It’s so much easier to break a habit you see clearly- like the sugar you reach for or the extra coffee you “swore off of” – than to attempt to break a self-sabotaging habit that is more subtle and even justified.

But if you are still idling in the same place in some part of life, there are actually feng shui ways, holistic energy shifts, that can help to sort of the ways you may be stopping yourself from having what you want!


When I’m traveling I tend to notice every habit I have and don’t have.  It’s like a magnifying glass aimed on my habits whenever I’m away from home.

Suffice it to say my big two habits I notice when I’m traveling are thought-habits, a sort of unconscious pattern.  These thought habits are directly in the way of what I’m creating, so they can’t stick around.   While they’re subtle, they are there… and  I’m excited to be rid of them now that I can see them!

Here are a few ways I’ve figured out how to change my space and energy to change my subtle self-sabotage habits as they pop up…and you can tailor them to your own needs, too!

1. Completely rearrange a room or a part of a room to get a fresh perspective. I’ve moved my bed, I’ve moved furniture, I’ve re-styled things.  If you can really switch things up in a space where you spend a lot of time, you’ll create the same feeling I get when I travel: a more unfamiliar way of looking at life.  In that unfamiliar space I’ve found that its much easier to see for yourself what might be holding back progress.

2. Listen to what you are talking about in conversations.  If you are talking about the past when you talk about a subject, you might just be stuck in the past a bit too much, or stuck in a place where you are letting the past dominate the future.

Whenever I feel myself thinking about the past rather than living in the present in some way, I know I’m not working in my best interests to create what I want.  The awareness alone that I’ve been stuck in the past usually helps me to get far more present. Spending a day, or a few weeks, or as long as it takes writing about it in a journal every day really breaks things free for me, helping me to unload the old story.

3. Are you reaching for too much advice in one area of your life?  Everything from horoscopes (which are silly by the way because they are vibrantly inaccurate unless someone is personally formulating them based on your exact time of birth and still its an interpretation, so  they are a way to throw away your power) to advice-giving friends…. all raise alarm bells of ” I don’t trust myself…!”

If you are looking for too much advice, see if you can sit still in your feelings and thoughts and meditate more.  Literally, meditate.  Or pray if you pray.  Or write in a journal.  But a subtle form of self-sabotage is too much advice.  A meditative area in your home to write or connect to your spirit is in order!

These three things can be extended to 30 or 40 (!) but the trick here that I’ve learned is that to change a habit, it requires practice.  Daily real practice.

And along with that practice comes patience.

And along with that practice comes tests sometimes to see if you are really committed, like the giant cake in your office the day you felt you really made strides to have no more sugar.  Or the subtly destructive relationship after you made a promise to avoid them, and yet you stay…

The thing is, when you change your space- your actual physical environment- you help to reinforce and shine a daily light on what you want.

This is what you’ll be immersed in, constantly.  This is what you’ll experience.  This is how the Feng Shui stuff can help you to dramatically make shifts.  After all, it’s way easier to stay on track when you are surrounded by cheerleaders than when you are waging a mental war of discipline alone, you know?!

Changing your space makes changing your mind so much easier!

I know you can make the changes you want to make.

Remind yourself you deserve greatness.

You are enough right now, you’re worthy and deserving  and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be to be happy…!

xoxo Dana

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