7 Ways To Feel & Become More Beautiful Today!

Mar 12, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

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We hear things like, ” Beauty is on the inside…” and “Beauty is not skin deep…” but in a world of Instagramming, media-celebrating, perfection-seeking beauty, that’s not always easy to believe.  Live where I live in Los Angeles and the grocery store is filled with flawlessly created people aesthetically speaking… truly so classically beautiful and almost scary perfect in symmetry and structure that its hard to believe they are real.  But, somehow, I barely notice any more.

Beautiful people hit me with their energy first.  Some are gods and goddesses. Some are not classically so, but even more attractive than a classic beauty.

Feeling beautiful is where it’s at, because that beautiful feeling is something that transforms the world around you.

Do you feel beautiful today?  Are you ready to feel beautiful?!

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Here’s what it means to be beautiful according to dictionary.com

beautiful: adjective 1. having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind

If you feel and understand the pressure around the ideas of beauty and perfection I am right there in your corner.

I’m a long-recovered anorexic girl who spend a decade trying to not be beautiful… but to sort of hide….by making my own body a battleground.  It seemed like I was doing it to be more beautiful. It started that way. But in the competition for perfection, the idea of being beautiful faded and the idea of hiding became most attractive.

That’s what I think people don’t understand about pressure and competition to be the most desired, the most loved or the most beautiful. The more pressure you feel to compete the more you almost instinctually take yourself out of the equation of real life connection. There really is no “competition.”

But… you might be thinking that all the most “perfect” looking people who compete to be perfect get the best guys or girls and have everything that they want.

I have not ever seen this to be true.

I’ve seen supermodels clawing to get their hands on an ex-boyfriend of mine, headed into rages,  fits of panic and, yes, they are still not happy or in love, it seems.  But they compete. And they are some of the most beautiful people on the planet in a classical sense.

You might be thinking that the more “beautiful” people are luckier so if you can only be better than a few other people you will be luckier, more valuable, more admired.

Again, I don’t really see this to be the case.  Most of the people I know with incredible marriages, intense wealth, outrageous success and anything else you could covet are not, by any means, perfect in any way, don’t desire to be perfect and don’t compete to be perfect.

When I was 16 I won a trophy in this crazy New Jersey Teen Competition.  Apparently all the girls wanted this trophy.  I didn’t know it existed. I was only doing this pageant- which made me feel like a total weirdo, so out of place in this culture of competing- because I knew it helped people get into college from time to time to win it.  So, I won… Miss Congeniality.

The funny thing is, I didn’t talk to many people that whole weekend just to win favor.  I didn’t try to be in the system.  But I also didn’t compete to be liked.

Apparently that was the secret to to being loved.

You don’t need to convince people to like you.  You don’t need to  go out of your way to win someones attention.  You certainly don’t need to suffer to be beautiful.

It’s all the opposite of beauty.

Beauty is a sensory experience of life.  Beauty turns everything to art.  Beauty is something you feel before you see it.

I used to think being more beautiful would come with the best hair, the coolest fashion and the most stunning makeup, the gym, a tan, facials and more.  All of these things are amazing, artful in their own ways and I’m opposed to none of them because they are all fun and fantastic.   But now, when I have to prepare to do something public or go to a big meeting or just want to be more beautiful for any reason, I get deep into the things that wake up my energy and make me feel alive.

The rest falls into place.

Here are a few ways to feel more beautiful, today, right now…

* Load up on plant food, especially some that’s raw and “alive.”  It’s pretty hard to feel the “glow” of a croissant, but you will feel the radiance of an organic salad. (key word here: FEEL)

* Start complimenting people on things that you admire.  You’ll be amazed at how much more beautiful you feel when you see the beauty in people around you and openly acknowledge it.

* Stay away from people who criticize you about your looks, treat you like you are not valuable or otherwise hijack your spirit.  I had a really hard time with a friend who would notice every hair out of place, the wrong shoes… men I’ve dated who sort of come and go of their own accord with no thought for my feelings… the family who only call when they need something… It’s all energy-robbing self-esteem shrinking stuff.

* Let go of chemicals in your beauty routine, your bathroom, shower, and entire home as much as possible.  The more pure and natural your beauty routine can be, the more you’ll feel connected to your true nature without the interference of hormone-interrupting, energy-squashing toxic perfumes and preservatives.

* Indulge in beauty things because you love them.  For me its beach days with lemon in my hair… or spa days in salt saunas… or just kitchen beauty masks and hair treatments while I’m at home.  I love playing with makeup.  I have fun styling clothes.  Do what makes you feel like you at your personal best for yourself …!

* Surround yourself with beautiful things that reflect your beautiful feelings!

* And get into a high-energy routine.  My secret weapons in life are my Buddhist practice, acupuncture and detox baths.  You may love yoga, burning sage, singing, making art… Do what really makes your energy flow madly and freely.

You are beautiful.  I hope you know it, feel it and pass it on…!  xoxo Dana



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xoxoxo Dana


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