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Mar 14, 2015 | Prosperity

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked into my computer to all of you, yes, in my version of YouTube videos!   The whole You Tube is going through a big evolution soon but in the meantime… there was a big thing I learned in the last three weeks that is too good not to share…

If you are doing a lot of what you love, being “healthy” and all of it and still feel like you are dragging… Maybe you are in your head too much and leaving out the rest of life?

I was, shockingly, doing just that.

It’s the most pleasantly powerful way I’ve found to expand live in an amazing way!



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  1. Autumn Mosca

    Hi Dana first I’d like to say that I love your energy, it’s very contagious ! I think you’re great! That was a great little tip video those are all things that I definitely know already but need to incorporate every minute and every day. For as long as I can remember I am all over the place constantly thinking very creative and unstable and artist just everything so much inside my head, so about three months ago I decided to look a little more into feng shui and instantly became connected and knew this is what I needed. I’d like to comment about what you just said in the video pertaining to your space where you live. I’m going on my fourth year in my apartment and of course I’ve decorated through the years made things here and there. About 2 weeks ago I was thinking (like I always do )and realized how much I care for, love, feel about my apartment! I never felt any of those feelings before ! I realized it’s because I am incorporating feng shui into my home really concentrating on it every day being excited with all this greatness It is so amazing and such a relief at the same time. The one thing I still have to work on is that I find myself stressing to make sure I’m following the rules proper. The biggest example is getting my compass reading! Its been three months of taking readings from different apps on iPhone iPad Galaxy android. The degrees/directions never match so I have yet to define the bagua of my home. Would you happen to know of an accurate as can be app on Apple or android?
    Thank you,

    • danaclaudat

      don’t worry about compasses!!!! its not important 🙂 nor are “gettimg the rules right”. I love that you love your place! keep it up- it sounds like you are doing incredibly well! and if you want to diy your feng shui my way step by step, this may be perfect for you: http://bit.ly/1AsuWvS


  2. Gloria

    Thank you so much for this. One of my biggest challenges has always been the fact that my livelihood depends on my intellect and creativity but that whenever I land in trouble, it’s due to my tendency to over-think and overcomplicate matters. I’ll definitely try to remember that everything- including the cerebral- is a full body experience… and act accordingly. If you had any more tips on grounding your body, particularly during a head-heavy activity/challenge, that would be absolutely amazing!

    Thank you again for posting this (and for all your other incredibly helpful posts).

    • danaclaudat

      you are so welcome…! and taking walks – albeit a simple thing- are the most useful I’ve found that can be done almost ay time (except in three feet of snow, in which case, some indoor stretching or yoga is always useful…google tara stiles you tube- the best!!! xoxoxi


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