Do You Have Enough Art In Your Life?

Apr 2, 2015 | Creativity

bright flowers

Hyper-bright and conceived by Nature, flowers are always glowing. This is the best of daily art in my opinion. Impossibly beautiful, always perfect be divine design, floral art finds its way into my kitchen, onto shelves, the mantle, bedrooms and yes, the centerpiece of the dining table.

Every time I grab a bunch of flowers- something I thought at one point was a luxury that I didn’t really need- I’m reminded of how vital it is to not just see art, but to live with art everywhere.  After all, art itself seems like just a luxury, even though its a huge necessity!

Do you have enough art in your life?

If you do, you know it.  You’ll see it everywhere you look.  You’ll feel uplifted when you open your closet to find an outfit.  You have views of your home that shine a light on beautiful things.  Even your pantry feels… filled with opportunity and inspiration.

Are you there yet? Do you feel the art in your life?

spring cleaning

It can be simple to have more art in your life.

This whole world of feng shui started with art.  Big art.  I’ve had a lust for major art since I was about 12, begging my mother to take me to New York to see the MoMA to the Andy Warhol Retrospective.  I have no idea how I found out about it in Secaucus, in Jersey, but I did… and I had to go.  And after pleading, a family trip with my best friend and her mom turned into my homecoming.  In the halls filled with screenprints, Brillo boxes… it was a life of art I understood.

Looking at the confused faces I was with, particularly my mother who didn’t get why an electric chair that looked grainy and printed in shades of green would be something anyone would want to see, I knew I was alone in my life of art.

It felt like the space and I were one. Maybe that was my first real moment of feng shui.

I think so.

You don’t need a museum to live with more art, though a grat one, or a great gallery, or a great mural on the street can help.  The only thing you need to do to have a life with art is to actually go in search of what speaks to you visually, emotionally, in color, in life…

Cleaning your house can be artful.

Your morning routine can be your personal performance.

Getting dressed is art.

Cooking, another art form.

Of course, actual visual art, writing, poems, music, dance… all art.

You don’t have to call yourself an artist to be profoundly affected by art.

Art breaks up the mundane, the sameness, and makes life more conscious.

I dare say if there was a study on art and aftfulness that the same benefits attributed to meditation (less stress, better sleep, more awareness, creative problem solving, health flowing vibrantly) would be found in artful living.

Where do you start?

Clear space.

Clear clutter, junk, disorder, weightly stuff that has no place in your life in a healthy way.  Clear it all.

Then you can soar. Explore.  Find the talents you may have left behind.  Recover dreams you put aside for another day.

The Catalyst Camp is coming soon to bring you a more artful life in a fundamental way.  You clear space.  Then you activate your dreams in life in real, tangible ways.  No more waiting.  It all starts right now. You can sign up here to watch the free 3-part intro video series and start clearing space with feng shui right now!

xoxo Dana



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