Hearts That Love Are Always In Bloom!

Apr 5, 2015 | Creativity

hearts that love are in bloom

On the lawn in Jersey, messages everywhere.

Being in love is different from loving everything.  Being in love is always great.  Loving everything is even better.

Need to feel more open-hearted?

You might want to start by being more present in your body.

Be more physical.

Its sad to admit that my iPhone revealed that in LA for the last few months I’ve been averaging 2000 steps a day.  I mean… that’s sad.  No wonder I never looked at the app before this!

In NYC its been days of 9,000 steps.  It’s no wonder I feel so much more in my body right now.  Lesson learned.  My wild creative streaks needs to be tempered with a lot of exercise.  Not turning back, I’m headed to the best yoga in NYC right now (Strala) and taking this energy home with me in two days!

And of course, there’s feng shui to help you feel more open-hearted.  Some of my favorite heart-opening tips are right here!

xoxo Dana


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