8 Ideas To Make Any Day- And Any Mood- Brighter!

Apr 16, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

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Gordon sitting with me during Buddhist time is always a day-changer. He loves to feel good.  He loves to be relaxed.  He loves to get attention.  When he was first adopted her was a loner, about 20 pounds overweight and not into being touched.  Now… he’s learned to lean into everything he loves… and as a fringe benefit, he makes every day brighter for me.

If you are having a down day, a sick day, an upset day or just a “meh” day, that energy of leaning into feel-good stuff can really bring you into a new realm of well.

Today’s feng shui’d ideas are all about living lighter & lifting up your mood!

rasperries in bowl

Clear your mind in a quick shower.  When I am really feeling blah, I add essential oils to my shower. A few drops of something as simple as lavender essential oil can be a shower game-changer.  Mints are great when you need a jump start to your system energetically.

Stay away from surfing the Internet randomly.  Randomly picking up information is not good for feeling focused, powerful and self-directed.  If you need to look up something, be specific….or stay away from the Internet.  It’s disemopwering to have your attention fragmented.

Wash your sheets. Fresh sheets are an instantly refreshing fresh start.

Go for a walk where you smell flowers, pick a few leaves and study them… This kind of mindful immserion in Nature is far different from just sort of breezing pst things on a walk.  The more you can see the textures of grass, the pebbles in gravel.. this brings you closer to real nature.

Finish something dreadful on your to-do list. While it may seem like a paradox to do what you hate in order to feel better, its that dreadful task being swept away that will take so much weight off of your day.

Cook. And cook. And cook. Cooking is a form of alchemy in my mind. Even simple cooking, like chopping up veggies and composing a salad, make for a more creative punch to the day.

Drink extra water.  Hydrated people are thought to be more inuitive as well as healthier, more flexible and more buoyantly beautiful!

Add some love. Romantic comedies, classic romance novels, spending time with people you love, animals you love… these are the sentiments that rejuvenate you inside & out!

Even if you aren’t feeling well (i.e.: my terrible cold this week!), this lightening of space and mood will often be the thing that creates comfort, relief, rest and revitalization.

It always works!

xoxo Dana




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