Do You Get Excited When You See What Is In Front Of You?

May 1, 2015 | Creativity

splashy art

(art by my favorite exciting Yago Hortal)

The next few days are so packed with things that make me so excited… Art, friends, plants, parties… Then the next week… And the next… And the next.

Sure there are non-exciting things mixed in that are essential, but socially, creatively, in business and in adventure I am really loving what’s ahead as well as what is right in front of me right now.

Its not an accident that I’m excited. I made a conscious choice for years to get to a place where I’d do most of what I loved with only a bit of what I don’t mixed in.

Do you love what’s in front of you right now?

Do you have exciting things in the future that pull you toward them?

Today is all about that feeling of excitement… And capturing more of it for yourself, today.

There’s a whole lot to be said for what you see around you and how much it excites (or doesn’t excite) you. I believe its better to live in a space with only the very essentials that you love and feel gratitude toward, rather than a house full of stuff that is just “stuff.”

How much does your home excite you? 

If you don’t like things… ask yourself why you have them. There are so many reasons we collect things that don’t reflect who we are or what we stand for or what we love… and the answers to those questions are personal.

Even if you don’t know exactly why… are you willing to let things go to create a more apt reflection of who you are in your space?

How much does your wardrobe excite you?

I really nailed the idea of an essential wardrobe when I lived in Paris when I was 19. I had a limited budget to eat (ahem, I didn’t eat much) that got funneled into buying key wardrobe pieces like excellent simple t-shirts, perfect jeans for me, exactly the dresses I wanted that could be easily convertible from day to night (night mattered more than day to me then!) and even the best shampoo. I had a very simple and amazing style worked out for myself. Getting back to that place means letting go of the non-essentials and paring down to the excellent and precise.

How much does your to-do list excite you? 

Give yourself something great to look forward to- a trip, a day off, a special dinner?- once your obligations are fulfilled and you’ll see the power of excitement to move you through life and over obstacles.

How much does your calendar excite you? 

Do you have events to look forward to that make you happy? Travel? Free art lectures? Book signings? A community event? A deadline that is thrilling?

A little city guide exploration can help you put things on your calendar that make the most of your time and really make your own calendar star-studded!

These are some jumping off points to start having much more in front of you that makes you extremely excited for the day! Enjoy every minute!!!

xoxo Dana

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