Feng Shui To Help You Walk Away From Anything That Is Crushing Your Spirit!

May 6, 2015 | Prosperity

respect yourself


Are you willing to let go of the things that are dragging you down?

Are you ready to embrace the idea that something better is waiting for you?

Yesterday a friend called and explained, ” If I thought, with certainty, that the love of my life was waiting for me to meet him tomorrow, I would leave the terrible relationship I’m in today and get ready to meet him!”

But, she doesn’t think with certainty that there is a guy at the grocery store- or another guy in general- who will, for sure, say he loves her… so she stays and sinks.

Today’s feng shui is all about letting go of what sinks you… a phase shift for many of us, and risks well worth taking!

bedroom love

(interiors addict)

* Make your most intimate spaces the strongest spaces in your home. 

Your bedroom should shine.  Add aromatherapy to make the vibration stronger and more nourishing.  Polish your wood furniture.  Press (yes: press!) your linens.

Every room you spend a large amount of time in should be absolutely excellent! Add color, replace missing lights and clear away clutter.

* Look for proof and show yourself over and again that there are options.  There is no scarcity!

Real life examples are amazing to stick on a vision board, a Pinterest board, a page of your journal… Examples of people who let go of what they didn’t want and then flourished. There are so many.  Seek them out. Google them. Understand that there is no shortage of anything, and the more radiant you are, the easier the great things flow to you.

* Understand that you can’t sink and swim at the same time.

If you think you have it together and carry on with settling for things that pull on you, you don’t have it together.

Put weights on your feet and try to swim in shallow water.  Its a nightmare.

That’s how much harder you are making your life by holding onto this dead weight.

* Stop feeling bad and let everyone be the adults that they are.

Its much worse to enable an alcoholic, to stick with a partner who you enable to abuse you verbally or physically, to stay at a job where you are so dispasionate that you give 10%… much much much worse… than if you left.

But, you might feel bad.  Oh, your boyfriend may get desperate…. The alcoholic may get into serious troubleYour boss might hate you

The thing is, whatever happens if you go will happen if you stay… the only problem is, if you stay, you go down with the ship.  There’s nothing noble about it.  And it isn’t an expression of love.

Self-respect means “you deserve great things.”

Free yourself from guilt and know that the best chance you have to truly help anyone is to be strong and be there if they actually need actual help.

When you deserve much more, you get much more… and that tends to inspire abundance everywhere around you!  xoxo Dana

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    ?❤️?? loved this!! Thanks

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    Thank you for this message, I love and needed this. Bless you dearheart!


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