How To Think & Grow Rich In 13 Steps!

May 10, 2015 | Prosperity

think and grow rich


Napoleon Hill wrote the classis success self-help book Think And Grow Rich in the 30’s in America (*you can read my take on it… and download a FREE copy… right HERE) … and since then, everyone from troupes of angels to inspired gurus has not so subtly been moved by the studied fundamentals of the mind and a guide to living a prosperous life.

I’ve always been attracted to the wisdom in this book because it’s all encompassing: mind, body and soul contribute to prosperity.

I encourage you to make each step your own.  Meaning… do your version of planning and “massive” action… Use all your desires and all your energy- sex included- to fuel your greatest good… Find your own ways to reinvent your beliefs with art or science or self-help…

Moreover: make your environment sing with prosperity!!!

There’s a whole section of the blog dedicated to prosperity HERE. 

And… there’s a huge 8-week immersion camp coming this Summer to get you swimming in the mindset of abundance in ways that are gorgeous and artful.

But for now… THIS classic is a great place to start.  Think rich & grow rich.  xoxo Dana



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