The Simplicity And Sophistication Of Wood Decor!

May 21, 2015 | Home Style

design sponge wood dining area (design*sponge greatness)

Many many of you have simple wood furniture at home.  It’s most common, most accessible and easiest to acquire vintage, too.  The issue is that wood can pile up in ways that are overwhelming.  And as I restyle my own too-heavily-wood dining room I can tell you that it can feel burdensome to have too much wood.  But if you mix lots of wood (in your areas with lots of wood) with simplicity… the result is fresh and sophisticated!  

simple wood decor


The walls that are nearly blank- but not- create freshness!

simple wood decor


Open shelving makes the wood lighter and more of a stage.

wood plank desk


The minimal and white details lessen the heaviness of wood and emphasize its smart and solid nature as a creative force.

wood decor


Even with carpet, wood can be very fresh!

wood decor


And as a focal point, this bog bar in wood works because its so balanced by the fresh white everywhere else!

Love love love this!  Really highlight your wood and it will do you a great service in shining in its natural glory.  Clear countertops, polish floors, simplify the rest of the decor… it’s very powerful stuff!!!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Kimberly

    I like the beige bar stools, I’ve been contemplating which color stools to buy for my new kitchen with a dark wood island. I didn’t want to overwhelm with more dark wood. Great post!


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