Feng Shui To Get Your Passion Back In A Huge Way If You’ve Lost It!

May 24, 2015 | Creativity

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My magic was gone. 

That’s what I would sometimes, in a fit, cry to my mom on the phone…

“I lost my magic and I don’t know how to get it back!”

Ambition is a powerful force.

I had gone so far off the grid in terms of the life I thought I wanted that I had no idea how to get back to a place that felt good. I had nothing professionally that thrilled me to even remotely aspire to do. I was sort of lost, wandering and upset after a series of heartbreaks where I lost myself even further with each man I left, one after the next…

I felt like the suppression of life I was attracting (crazy people, feeling sick, mood swings, total instability) had broken my once-resolute and super-achieving mind and life filled with magic.

My will was shot.

Everything that I touched used to turn to gold.

I couldn’t “manifest” anything.

If your own ambition is less-than-stellar, today’s feng shui is for you!


Want to get your magic back?

Turn your life into a laboratory!

Lately, I have had a really big problem with people stealing my intellectual property. It was so oppressive to me to see it being done so egregiously that the most puzzling thing happened: I started hating to create this blog.

After all, I would create… and it would be stolen!

Given the fact that I took 10 years and about 200 books and wayyyy over 10,000 hours of research and doing to create my stuff, it’s all labours of love and passion, and I keep creating it. It’s not “feng shui” that you read here 80% of the time, it’s Dana. It’s my work springing from feng shui. So why would I let a serial plagiarizer have it?

Or many of them, for that matter of fact?

It’s a common problem, I’ve learned.

I started being less enthusiastic to share, feeling like I was feeding these leeches who gave nothing back… who were trying (and still trying) to live off of my work, passing it off as their own.

So, essentially, I lost my passion in the face of suppression. 

I hate to admit it, but it was very true.

Has that happened to you?

Have you lost your drive to create in the face of suppression?

  • criticized by a teacher or someone who is an authority…
  • threatened to be abandoned by friends, family or partners if you pursue a dream…
  • robbed from and not credited
  • stuck after a flop of a project that you wish was a commercial success

You can’t let those forces of darkness win.

Turn your life into a lab.

Reach bigger, brighter, better, more thrilling. As my friend Tara says, “Go for what gives you goosebumps!”

To get started… push the bad juju out of the way!!!

* Before you begin, identify the source that is squashing your passion, even if its from the past and still haunting you. 

* Take an action today against the oppressive force. (*a few people are getting letters from me, before my lawyer has to write them :)) 

*Even the smallest action will get you going where you’ve been accepting the onslaught of negativity. 

Then… get to brainstorming!!!

Be big, bold, wild… see what you can do and where you need to fill in the blanks.

Now, I have a very enormous plan that is well in action to bring you some of the coolest stuff I find, and continue to find. I’m also super-committed to supporting the people who are my “braintrust” of experts and geniuses, and sharing their work and wisdom. And… I have my passion back.

I want you to have your passion back, too, wherever you lost it.

Dreaming is really important.

Creating is even more important.

Don’t let yourself get stunted where you should be thriving…!

It all starts by dumping the draining energy blocks.

And, then, filling the empty space with so much inspiration. And action.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Alice Yeah

    Dana you are so very you, anyone trying to pass your work off as their own has missed the whole point of almost everything you advocate and is bound to fall flat. Sending you good vibes for successfully and smoothly defending your hard work. I’m very excited to have another go at The Artists Way :)))

    • danaclaudat

      Alice you are awesome!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Norma

    Hi Dana,
    Really sorry to hear people are stealing your work. I can only imagine that their work, a shadow of your own, will lack the depth and soul that your posts have.

    I hope you can stop their plagarism. I think its really sad and pathetic that they don’t have the courage to use their own ideas, their own creative power to put over what they want, that they are so lacking in thought to steal someone else’s.

    I can only wish you the very best and positive of thoughts and hope that your lawyer can ‘slay’ these online dragons 🙂
    Norma xx

    • danaclaudat

      Thanks Norma! I think I’m gonna stick to focusing on what I want: to share much more! So appreciate your message! xox

  3. karen isaacs

    hello dana, i want to say that i love getting emails from you and reading your website. your website is the only web i take time to read. i want to thank you for taking the time to create the info about getting your passion back and being audacity. i found that a little of an ego self esteem is actually good for you since i was told that ego was bad. you use your sense. ive read julia camerom the artist way book before and it is a wonderful book. i am currently am willing to open and show my creativity i will go ahead and show and do art work that ive been hiding for years upon on constant criticized by a parents. i picked up a great book called “what do i do with an idea” . it is actually look like for children book but it is for all ages and it gives me an encourage to not be afraid and when you mention about your oil painting …. it gave me a huge serious goosebumps and you spark the excitement in me that i have not had for long time. Thank you again dana. lml/

  4. mary

    This is horrible! Stop taking Dana’s stuff!!!!!
    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I, myself, have found many a time where a Tao Dana quote was appropriate.
    I’m relieved that you won’t let these thieves stop you.
    I don’t know what I would do without you.
    I think you’re wonderful.
    sincerely, mary

    • Dana

      Quote all you want! Share all you want! I just always make sure if I professionally publish or otherwise professionally present ideas that they are credited whenever possible (ie: it’s not an old saying that no one knows the origins of that we use in popular culture) I do this for you, not for me, so please feel free 🙂 xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Surbhi

    Hi Dana,
    Your work is guiding force for me and many others like me. You don’t just blog you make a difference and bring joy.
    No one can steal that ability which only you have . I am very proud of the fact that you do not let anything bring you down.
    Wish you luck and success always .
    Lots of love


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