Checking In With The Classic Law Of Attraction & How Thoughts Help Create Reality

May 25, 2015 | Prosperity

yago hortal

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I am not a staunch Law Of Attraction person.

I’m a karma person.

Thought, words and actions create my karma and my life.

What do you think about the Law Of Attraction?

The Law Of Attraction idea is that your very emotional thoughts attract to themselves that which is harmonious with them.

The thing is, the Law Of Attraction gets deep into one piece of the equation: thoughts and emotions.  Particularly, highly-charged emotional thoughts and how they create a reality around us.

While I take the good and leave the rest (I am not a fan of all of it) where The Law Of Attraction, the classic self-help book reportedly channeled by angels (or is it a single angel?), is concerned, there is a deep emphasis on thoughts that got me interested again… and it is quite exciting! 

yago hortal

(yago hortal)

As I cleaned and organized my house in depth this weekend I listed to an audio tape on YouTube.  Every so often I will play “ideas” while I root through paperwork and polish and recycle stuff.

Weird at times (a bit too much into “this is how the world works” absolutism),  and the speed-taking is quite intense, yet there were a few concepts that jumpd out at me that prompted my own personal thought inventory.

I’m going to share an exercise from the audio book that I found to be quite revealing.   The only reason I’m sharing it is because the audio book – which had no title- was very simple yet profound.

On a piece of paper write out what you want. 

Beneath it, write why you want it. 

On the flip side, write all the reasons you BELIEVE you can have it. 

This exercise is thought to get you in the framework of deliberately creating whatever you want in a powerful way.

You aren’t supposed to spend a lot of time doing this, and you are not meant to “think” about it.  It should all flow out of you quite easily.  In essence, you aren’t meant to be “convincing” yourself, you are just writing out what’s already there in you, waiting to come out.

What I realized:

  • I didn’t really believe I could have certain things I said I wanted.  In fact, I felt my mind screaming negatives at me with a few things I tried this exercise with.
  • I didn’t really want a lot of the things I said I wanted, when asked to write out the why.

So… it was a really stellar mental inventory.

  • It make a big deal of difference for me to see how I could be pulling myself in too many directions going after things I don’t really want terribly much simply because I’m supposed to want them or they are a “great opportunity” or some other reason that isn’t personally thrilling.
  • It also helped me to see a few things sitting squarely in the way of things I really do want.

Here’s a truly vintage You Tube all about breaking free of limitations using feng shui as a guide, and as I take my own advice I’m loving the feeling!!!

When I can see and hear and purely identify a limitation I’ve been carrying around:

  • I take it with me into my Buddhist practice and chant to transform it.
  • I do EFT (tapping) to re-wire my mind where it’s concerned, and the EFT (tapping) always has a positive effect of some sort.
  • I also make changes in my environment to challenge these limitations!  A simple place to start is a salt home detox to clear the air of lingering stuff that is weighing you down.

The lighter your space feels the lighter your thoughts will be, so think in terms of adding color and light in ways that shine and fill you up with positive emotions. It’s only one piece of the equation to keep your thoughts as awesome and beautiful as possible. Reinforcing those thoughts with words and actions is even more beautiful.  Helping others to do the same takes it to the next level of total synergy.

Creating a beautiful world is actually the most fun you can have, and you can start now no matter where you are.

xoxo Dana


PS: All the art is by Yago Hortal, one of my favorite Contemporary Artists who creates work that makes me feel ultra-unlimited 🙂

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