Ideas For Taking Charge Of Overwhelming Situations!

May 26, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Take Charge Of Life When You're Overwhelmed

Feeling fresh and wild and free is the way I like to live.

I’m not a big fan of schedules and “must finish this now” type situations by nature.

That said, in order to be productive, to expand and grow and bring talent to the world, there’s a certain X Factor of sheer quantity that life brings for us to deal with, and it won’t get done (at least not easily) without some sort of organization.

Plus there’s the seeming randomness of so many things happening “all-at-the-same-time” that piles up, too.

Both things considered, my way of sort of going with the flow doesn’t work well without an underpinning of actual order.

Without some sort of order and structure, the overwhelm hits in a big way.

It’s not unusual to be overwhelmed, even by good things.

But… that overwhelm won’t linger long if you can take a breath and get things organized to flow!

Right now I have three – almost four- big things happening at once. In fact, if I start counting there may be five or six. Plus: everyday life. And, then, actual day-to-day stuff of work.

How much do you have on your plate?

Are you feeling grateful… or totally under water?

There are a few tricks I’ve learned to take an overwhelming situation and make it into something more manageable. Consider them tips for a toolbox, ideas to try and, perhaps, a fresh road into a solution!

herkimer diamonds

Decide it will be done! Take a little break and sit down and resolutely decide it will absolutely all get done. If you decide very clearly, you’ll take away the free-flowing anxiety and stay focused on solutions rather than problems.

The key for me to manage an overwhelming time is to keep my eyes on what I want, not dwelling on what I don’t want. There’s a vast difference, and if you try this- fixing your eyes on the prize- you’ll be amazed at how the energy shifts around you quickly.

Draw a picture of all the moving parts. Mind Maps  are powerful tools to help you understand a complex situation and all its parts.  You can learn more about them HERE. 

If you want to be more simple, just draw out the situation in a way that helps you make sense of it. I use a huge notepad and make a list of all the pieces of the projects and priorities in my life, then draw out diagrams and lists to start making sense of how it can all get done. Use lots of color if you want to make this way more fun!

Do research. Tons of research. For every question you have, for everything that is stumping you or feels very unknown, there’s usually lots of information to be found online, in library books, and in consultations with experts.

Typically I do about 10 times more research than I need to, because it’s super-empowering.

Knowledge helps you become more familiar with a situation and, with all that ease and familiarity, it brings forth your best take-charge attitude.

I use Pinterest boards to organize visual research and articles. It’s super-brilliant.

Embrace small steps. I’m pretty sure that no best-selling novel, complete lifestyle switch or art project, mastery of any task or anything else that could be overwhelming has been done in a single day.

You aren’t failing because it’s taking some time.

You’re only failing if you run, hide, sabotage yourself or otherwise quit… so stay on your path. Step-by-step it really does all get done!

Ask for help!

Experts, assistance, services, tools.

This is valuable. I need so much help now that I’m so glad I got over the hurdle of asking for it!

The above ideas may seem simplistic, but coupled with lots of self-love and a ton of baby steps, they’ve led me to an awesome place every time I need a path out of “way-too-much-to-do”… they help my clients… and I bet they might just help you, too!

Breathe. Flow. Create. Enjoy.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Maggie

    such awesome advice! I have a lot on my plate right now and sometimes feel too overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. Thanks for the inspiration!



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