Fresh Ideas To Wake Up More Excited For Every Day!

Jun 5, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Fresh Ideas To Wake Up More Excited For Every Day!

In an ideal world we all spring out of bed in the morning with excitement.  After all, its such a gift to be alive and the first minutes of a day do so much to color the day with character and life.

That said, if you’re not waking up with a sense of excitement, you are not alone.  The snooze button, the dragging-out-of-bed, the dreading of the stuff of day… Feeling stuffy, stiff, anxious or foggy…

I’m always on the hunt for new and more colorful ways to start the day on a high (at, at the very least a fresh feeling of clarity and purpose!) and, today, here are some of a spectrum of ways to wake up feeling more fully awake and alive!  


Go to bed with a gratitude list.  Say it in your head or write it down.

“I am so grateful for…”

You can go on and on and on and on… sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of thinking about how blessed I am… and those are the best nights and days!

Sleep with more darkness. 

Dark rooms = deeper sleep = fresher mornings.

Floss your teeth like you mean it!

Having just visited the dentist to every celebrity (and me) in Hollywood, I can tell you that flossing is akin to running in the morning and night in the ways that it affects your entire system.  While I’m an avid flosser, I just stepped up my flossing game quite significantly and my mind somehow feels more clear.  Your teeth and gums affect the health of your entire body, so if you wake up foggy, achey or otherwise feeling blah this could be a weird – but beneficial- experiment to see a great dentist and start a comprehensive new routine morning & night.

Scale back your night-work-stuff. 

People who work late into the night (I’m raising my hand, still guilty of this sometimes) have a very hard time getting rejuvenating sleep.

Stretch before bed… and as soon as you wake up!

Simple.  Any way you like to stretch, do it!

A huge glass of water kick-starts your day. 

My friend keeps a giant glass bottle of filtered water by his bed and drinks it before getting up every day.  One day he explained that it is the one morning habit that has made the most difference in his life every day.  Even if you do a cup of hot water and lemon or a great tea or anything else (coffee, etc), this rush of water really excites your cells.


Start eating delicious & super-nutritious breakfasts full of freshness!

I can’t get excited about anything but smoothies and giant juices in the morning in the Spring and Summer.  These make a huge difference for me.  Sometimes I even have salad for breakfast, and avocados in the winter.  More fresh food- some raw or all raw if you can- brings lots of buzzing energy to the day.

Tell every living thing around you- people, pets, plants… and YOU YOURSELF- how much you love them. 

This one is just as great as it sounds.

Wishing you amazing mornings… and days… and nights… and always!

And of course, there’s always more to help you get to the next level of deeper sleep and more rejuvenation!

Start off right and build a routine that makes the most of every morning.  HERE are some morning routine ideas that are #winning in my own life… and for many clients, too.  This sacred time can be what rockets you forward every day!

xoxo Dana



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