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Jun 27, 2015 | Home Style

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When I was a kid, I would take books to my blanket forts to read them.  When I was a little older, I would take them to the yard and sit on a lounge chair.  Older still, I would find a bench in the park in New York to read in the Fall.  There was something about escaping into a book that was uniquely appealing, and I had no real space to do it in my childhood home.

Years later I realized I needed to make space.

If you don’t have space at home to read a book, reading can be a forgotten art. With that forgotten art a lot of fantasy and inagination is also lost.

Let’s get it back!

Style yourself an extraordinary reading space today! 



Fantasy Space: a hammock, inside, with lots of filtered sunlight and plants.

reading nook


Last Summer in a gorgeous house in Boulder, CO there was only one space I spent the majority of my time: a little reading nook with a mat on it, covered with a velvety blanket, with a window out to the lush trees.  With so much house to experience I am not surprised  that instead I gravitated toward that little architecturally forgotten space that was transformed into a really chill boho reading room.

boho reading room

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Fresh plants, a sink-into-it chair, and some instruments round-out the creative juju.

boho reading room


And, let’s not forget the ideal.  In Nature, in stunning architecture, immersed in gorgeousness. This is the ultimate!!!

Let your imagination- and some well-styled inspiration- light up your home design.  In the process of recovering a beloved old habit – like getting lost in a book- you may find so much more color and wider ideas to bring to your everyday life!  xoxo Dana


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