5 Ideas To Bring More Of What You Want Into Your Life!

Jul 2, 2015 | Prosperity


Whether it’s a change of season, a holiday or a vacation… or even just a period of transition… there are times where we move into a mode of change and wanting more of things we feel we lack.

Whether it’s more sleep, more adventure, more romace, more creativity, money, vitality…

In my view of space and energy, having more of anything means more energy in more balance.

The great news is that you probably don’t have to work harder if you are already working hard to have more of what you want.  But… you might want to dare to energetically align yourself much more…  in totally pleasant ways!


Ready to have more of what you want?

1. Take it easy. Rest! I know it seems trite to say, but the whole planet is sleep and rest deproved and it’s in these pauses we rejuvenate, get inspired and connect more to our bodies and our lives.

2. Be your own version of glamorous. I know it’s easy to demonize people who seem superficial in their emphasis on things like fashion and style…And while I don’t advocate worrying about perfect looks or anything else… I believe strongly in personal style.  The thing is, when you look great to yourself you radiate great to the world.  Personal style matters. It’s not about brands, either. I have felt more glamourous in a $1 thrift store slip dress than a $2000 party get up.  It’s the way it makes you feel that matters.

3. Stop apologizing. There was a brilliant article a new client & friend posted on Facebook about the apologetic way that women tend to use the word “just” in business.  Words like “just” or “sorry to ask” or anything else that starts with an apology create a real stop to energy moving freely.  Imagine how much more directly you could get your point across if there’s no apology in what you want… and no fear of the outcomes.

4. Say “no” to what you don’t want. A simple “no”, or a “no, thank you”or any other version of a “no” creates a whole lot more clarity and peace in your life than a “maybe” or, worse, saying “yes” out of guilt.

5.  Add passion.  Passion is not a luxury.  It’s a necessity.   HERE’s some feng shui to dial-up the passion quotient in your life.

Refreshing, rejuvenating, resting… and reaping the rewards of all this good stuff by getting more of what you want…!

xoxo Dana




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  1. Bea L.

    Awesome and wise,as always Thank you so much!


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