Everything You Need To Know To Grow Airplants Everywhere!

Jul 6, 2015 | Creativity

air plants Airplants defy the limits of gravity, they grow in somewhat magical self-sufficiency, and for all of you who have trouble growing greens at home, these alient-space-creature plants in so many shapes sizes and varieties are for you!

Deeply inspired by the genius of Josh Rosen, the Air Plant Man, and his architecturally streamlined airplant frames (pictured above, you can find them HERE), the airplant can be a piece of art!


(grab it on Etsy)

Insanely gorgeous, no?


(bulk airplants on Etsy)

Are you a candidate to grow airplants?

Do you have:

  • a sunny, bright area at home or in your office (including full-spectrum bulbs indoors, that also help)?
  • a few minutes every day to mist them in the hot weather
  • about 30 minutes to take them from their perches and soak them and lay them out to dry once or ideally twice a week
  • a deep love of amazing greenery that can grow from just about anywhere?


Well, you are a perfect airplant candidate!

The most detailed care is from The Airplant Man himself, Josh Rosen, right HERE.

airplant fertilizer

(grab this on Etsy)

You can use bromeliad fertilizer (oh how my bromeliads need that right about now) occasionally… or THIS fertilizing spray that promotes super-growth.  This is optional, but I think food is always a good thing!

hanging air plants

(grab this on Etsy)

How to hang ’em:



You can plop airplants into hanging planters of all kinds. Knit, wood, ceramic… stone, crystal, glass…  No skill required.  You just want to make sure the plants are not wet at their roots before you stick ’em somewhere to hang as they can be over-saturated and die on you.  The instructions above from The Airplant Man clear up all the how-to’s so this doesn’t happen to you!

While the sky’s the limit as to where and how to hang airplants in the light, glass hanging planters look like floating space eggs hatching wonderous plant life!  THESE set of 3 planters are both very inexpensive and incredibly beautiful.  You can find all kinds of glass orbs online that turn airplants into art.

As long as they have enough light and you are taking time to care for them with their weekly mini-baths, they will thrive.

air plants

(flora grubb)

Crazy awesome gravity-defying (and even blooming!!!) airplants are spectacular, no?

This is also super simple, just suspended on a simple wire frame from a hardware store.

From fences to fancy healing crystals, airplants can be at home anywhere! Are you ready to give ’em a try?


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  1. Alice

    I love air plants! Gotta get crafty and add some to my collection. Love the idea of one growing on a crystal. Have you seen the lady on Etsy (her shop name is “PetitBeast” not affiliated in any way it’s just ace) that uses hanging upside down coloured sea urchin shells to make air plants look like jellyfish? It’s super super cool and her photography is out of this world.



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