The Best Feng Shui For Building Your Power In A Big Way!

Jul 23, 2015 | Creativity

The Best Feng Shui For Building Your Power In A Big Way!

Want more power- or, to make power something more defined: a feeling of control, pride and creative electricity running through your body and giving you chills in the best way possible?!

Focus your energy with tons of clarity.

I was telling a friend this morning that I start to feel week and wobbly when I notice that my notes on social media and my emails feel…deeply… impersonal. It’s as if I’ve been drained of my me-ness!

Now, in those wobbly times, instead of trying harder, I regroup much more specifically!

Today’s feng shui a big personal practice for me and many people I know who love to create and love to give… but need more sparkle.  If you are a great “maker” of things but you feel like a little bit of a robot or a…gasp… burned-out creator, this is for you. And if you create like crazy but don’t see a lot of progress, this is really for you!

dana claudat

A month ago this happened… a creative force of nature coming soon to Mind Body Green. I can’t wait to share it!!!   So much art was made filming this project. There were hundreds of moving pieces. And to do it, two things needed to happen to get my energy straight. In fact, I do this all the time when I feel I’m losing my joy for the day or for my work or anything else.

Both of these actions direct your energy, moving you from a space where your energy is all over the place to a space where your energy is really effective.  It’s the difference between one take of a video and 15 takes that suck. It’s the difference between shining and mediocre.

First, get lots of help. Help is vital. You may be able to do every piece of what’s on your plate, but that doesn’t mean you should. Whether you hire help with cleaning or help with working out or help with work… the one-person show isn’t always gonna cut it.  Let experts be experts.  Trade with friends.  Do what you can to get the help you need.  It is a lightening-rod of space-clearing for your life.

Next, unload the unnecessary.  Start making edits to your calendar and to do list when things feel too leaded down. If your mind is zooming in too many directions, throw all your energy directly into what has to be done and leave the rest for later.  Whe I have a deadline and I am looking for a lost scarf instead or working on my deadline, I am in trouble.  You know what I mean?!

Plus…Don’t multitask… nothing powerful happens from confusion!!!

The more you can get support and zero in on the very thing in front of you, the more you can focus on the details.

Details are magic.

Details are the spectacular reasons that some artists make masterpieces, it’s how great lives flourish and it’s how we connect most powerfully to life.  We all need that kind of power! xoxo Dana



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