5 Feng Shui Ways To Do Much Less And Prosper Much More!

Aug 7, 2015 | Prosperity

Feng Shui To Do Less And Prosper More !

“Do less and make more money!”

I remember those pyramid scheme ads in the back of the Hudson Dispatch newspaper when I was a kid. I even tried one, mailing a dollar of my birthday money with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to a PO BOX. I waited. I wondered. I felt helpless.  I was robbed. I never got my money back again.

My adversion to get rich quick schemes started there.

When my Dad introduced me to the big guru culture of the 80’s that was emerging with self-help on a high of greed and extremism, I was even more weary. Anyone whose methods my world-class criminal father emulated couldn’t be good.

My reaction was to become a workaholic and do things the longest, slowest and hardest way. Nothing like pure rebellion!  The many meltdowns from this arduousness and 18 hour days that became my life were not prosperous or abundant.

Even when I succeeded, my life was hell.

That’s actually not success, you know?

Today, let’s look at a few habits that are prosperous and abundant…and not mixed up in scams or suffering! 

When I look at Bob’s puppy face full of wonder, I have to stop and grab him and play and cuddle. It’s what started to change my work life 4 years ago when his tiny puppy face would stare at me while I sat at a computer.  I started taking walks, breaks… tuning in to life… sleeping more because he puts me to asleep with his deep sighs in my ear. He brought me more balance… and real wealth and prosperity followed all the happiness and rest!

Extremes either way don’t work.. and least not in the long haul.

I’ve seen too much turmoil over money, too many people either languishing or sitting in anguish or simply working way too hard with nothing to show for it. Too much energy flies out in every direction, and too little life is enjoyed. And, it doesn’t have to be this way endlessly.


Whle most of the book doesn’t connect with me at all, this is the one line in The Secret book that resonates with me.

Does it land on you powerfully, too?

I’m not a self-annointed business expert and I can’t tell you “secrets to your marketing’ or “competing” or how to excell at stock market purchases.   I actually don’t believe there are secrets to these things beyond getting informed, tuning in to intuition and bringing more of yourself and your personality and all that you love to all that you do.  The best investors I know are passionate about companies and in touch with themselves intuitively. The best brands are connected to others and to their deep mission.

I can tell you how your home and habits reflect and affect your abundance.  And I can recommend the types of changes personal to you both at home and in your habits to expand your happiness, your vision of what’s possible and your overall actual organization and flow of money.

You tap into your intuition, your strength and your talent when your space and your habits reinforce and reflect you at your best.

It’s not a secret or a spell.. you’ll literally get back as much as you give, especially when you give to creating order, clarity and focus… and when you give to what you love…

That includes giving yourself a rich. full, awesome life!

alexis smart

Yesterday I saw my friend and wonder-healer Alexis Smart. We talked about the subtlty of exhaustion and how too much energy out for too long can wear down your adrenal glands and make actual rest more difficult!   We talked about feeling at home in life. We talked about emotions and their physical manifestations, and about simplicity and eating enough of a spectrum of nutrients. Then she mixed me my own bottle of deely restful and rejuveanting flower essences and I could feel my face start to glow brighter.

Here Are Five Ways To Do Less And Prosper Much More In Every Way!

1. When you rest you are receptive. That means you get more. That’s a big deal. Go to bed as early as possible and start winding down to rest in the late afternoon.

2. Even meditation for 10 minutes a day (a minute is longer than you think!) can have dramatic benefits! (More HERE.)

3. Happiness may be the best kept secret to increasing your income! The Wall Street Journal article It Pays To Be Happy explores the links between being happy and making more money:

“Students who described themselves as happier at age 16 and 18 and felt more satisfied with their lives at age 22 earned more income at age 29. On a scale of one to five, a one-point increase in life satisfaction at age 22 translated into around $2,000 more in later earnings. The mean income was around $35,000. Among siblings, a one-point increase in life satisfaction at age 22, compared to the mean of the family, translated into a nearly $4,000 difference in earnings at age 29, compared to the family mean.”

Do more of what you love. Hobbies are not frivolous!

4. Take more breaks. HERE are vital reasons to take breaks, but the primary reason is that you cease to be productive if you work too long without a break.  Literally: no breaks destroy your productivity. At least one 15 minute break each hour totally away from a desk or working at all is what is recommended at the very least!

5. Bring more order and flow to your home and your habits. It’s the first step to creating solid stable wealth: create organization and flow to manage your resources.

Have you heard of billionaires with no management of their immense wealth?

But…we non-billionaires often think we can get by without organization and high level flow…and I’m not sure why.

How much order do you have in your money, your schedule, your future plans…?

Adding that order and flow to money opens the doors to big growth.

That’s where feng shui truly shines: strating the flow where things have been stuck.

Your can clear old blocks and self-created obstacles…

You can revive, strengthen and empower your space… and in the process you do the same for your life!

Feng shui in my way is practical, it makes you feel better as you go… and you will be able to do less, enjoy much more and prosper as you go!!!

You can hit the Prosperity tab on the blog (HERE)  to read through some wealth-buiding, prosperous feng shui tips to get you going!!!


xoxo Dana



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