Here’s How Disorganization & Clutter Can Turn Life Upside Down (& How To Start Fixing It!)

Aug 11, 2015 | Prosperity

pink salt space clearing

This time last year I experienced  a sonic boom. This blog vanished, and along with it, eleven years of design and images and information.

Boom. Gone.

My first reaction was : “OK, why is this happening? I may need to start over.” Admittedly, all of this was in a huge panic.

Three hours of waiting on Customer Service, email, tweets and waiting…

Then the answer. “It was a mistake, the blog was outdated and the vanishing site was a function of spam hitting the backend of my blog.”


An onslaught of clutter. Piling up.

The blog is back and better than ever- I’m so grateful- and the only thing changed forever is my awareness.

I turned to my house which is as de-cluttered as I could ever imagine a house could be and started to remove blocks that now appeared obvious in light of today.   For me they were subtle and a function of so much expansion in my life all at once… but, nonetheless, they are and were there and they are going, going and soon gone.

Do you have clutter (apparent or more subtle) that’s turning your life upside down?  This one is for you!

First, as the title of this post suggests you’ll discover, here is how (some big ways) the clutter of disorganization can turn your life upside down:

  1. Things stop being maintained and can break when you need them most.
  2. Energy flow or “chi” or “life force” gets stagnant. This can manifest in obstacles, money issues and emotional stuck-ness.
  3. Things reach a breaking point that you didn’t know were an issue in the haze of clutter. The electricity overloads, the shelf breaks, the job ends… things can’t stay in flow when you can’t see them to fix them.
  4. Inspiration, motivation and productivity go out the window.  You might even feel like there’s no use in trying because it’s so overwhelming.
  5. Things become harder that were once easy.

And more.

All because so much has been swept under the rug, even out of necessity it may seem because you didn’t have time, etc, and now… it’s all not going right.

You don’t need to wait for a crash to start bringing things into order.

Start right now.

1. Make a plan to fix the disorder. Immediately. 

I spent the better part of two hours making plans and making changes.  Every single level of productivity requires new levels of order.  It’s the reason why both the de-cluttering Catalyst Camp and the wealth-building Cash Camp are designed so you can repeat them yearly as things expand. We all need to make clearing life a daily-weekly-monthly-regular practice!

Think about the amount of energy it takes to clean your house now.

Imagine your house tripled in size.

You need a new way to do things now, right?  Even simple “straightening up” takes 3 X longer if a big mess is made!  You’ll need a better system to keep things clean and clear with a bigger house.

Same with all of life.

As you grow, you need more organization and new organization.

It’s not a “failure” to need more organization.

(My organization includes massive web security that’s on the way!!!)

2. Clear some space. Energetically clear it. I had my whole intensive space clearing with salt on full throttle and it will continue for the next few days!

3. Go!  Handle the issue.  For you, that could mean tacking the first bit of disorder on your list to start to set it straight. And when you also add more order to your environment, you open up to more momentum.  The more you do even bits of organizing, the more you can do.

What can you do right now to create even 5% more order?

If you want a truly prosperous life, you need order and flow.  Need it.  It’s not a pair of buzzy words that sounds idyllic, it’s a real need.

If you can identify one place- whether it’s your wallet, your car, your refrigerator, your computer files- where you can create even a bit more order, then a bit more… you’re on your way to a life that is ultra-radiant!

Get your flow going and things become full of that magic feeling of flow…and the prosperity flies in to match it!

To make some very big upgrades today to break free of stagnation, you can, for watch the Catalyst Camp free video space clearing introduction and start clearing space in dramatic ways that affect your prosperity.  Grab ’em right HERE to get started.

xoxo Dana


  1. Jeanne

    Tuesday was the day I conquered the fear (yes, fight the fear) of really doing the hard work in my wealth gua which is also my children’s bedroom. Prior to this, every time I entered the room, the thick energy from all of the “stuff” was overwhelming, organized or not (huge blocked gua). The clutter on the surface was ridiculous. After clearing out 90% of the stuff in the room, my living room was really a testament to the amount of unnecessary stuff that was in the room. Thankfully, my landlord provided the paint for the room. I bought a larger bookshelf to house all of their books which were on several smaller book shelves. And, there was even space left over for a craft/work area which they really wanted. The energy is amazing and the girls love the feel of the new room. Decorating will come this weekend. Regarding the new wealth: I had one text, one phone call and one email about potential money that’s coming literally hours after I finished. I love your ideas and encouragement. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Jeanne

    PS I am so glad that your blog was able to be recovered. It would have been such a huge loss of all of your brilliant work and ideas 🙂

  3. Robin

    Out of all the blogs I subscribed to, yours is the best. I always look forward to it. I just now discovered your videos on you tube.

    Thank you for changing so many lives. I owe mine to you.

    • danaclaudat

      I’m quite humbled, yet you owe your awesomeness to you!!! I’m so glad you find things here that are useful and inspiring! xoxoxo

  4. Ali

    Hello Dana. Although I have been following your blog for ages and ages, it is only today that I finally got around to purchasing Feng Shui 101. I have just finished printing it off and I plan to start reading it this evening and putting your wonderful advice into action. I did some clearing a few days ago in my ‘sacred little corner’ and it made a huge difference. Got lots of sea salt, white vinegar and bread soda (baking soda to you!) and I am looking forward very much to getting everything in my life moving. Thank y ou so much for all that you give to your ‘followers’, I love it and benefit greatly from your generosity. Ali.

    • danaclaudat

      oh I’m so excited for you!!! thank you for this message and let me know if you have any questions! I’m so honored to have you here!!! xoxoxo


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