3 Beautiful Feng Shui Ways To Solve Problems & Grow Your Life!

Sep 3, 2015 | Creativity

3 Beautiful Feng Shui Ways To Solve Problems & Grow Your Life!

I bet you thought I was going to talk about plants, right?

Well, sort of. But not really.

It was at this shop on 28th Street in Manhattan- NY Topiary– that I had a whole two day odyssey that consumed my two day trip come together in unusually fantastic success.

It reminded me of why and how I work best.  And how I failed in the past when I didn’t follow my own best ways to make things flow.

Today,  let’s look at a few totally lovely feng shui ways to solve problems and grow life, beautifully!


Need to grow your life…or solve a big problem?

Here’s the feng shui for you!

Relaxation brings solutions.  Relax and you’ll stretch.

Here’s what happened yesterday. It was anything but relaxing at first…and then it all changed.

I had 24 hours to find and deliver 110 plants to an office in Brooklyn.  It was a two day trip to do a lot of design finishing touches.  The 110 plants… a dream come true that we’d do it… but how to do it in New York was a whole other story.

In LA, if you drive to the Downtown flower mart with a big truck you can have a thousand plants in a few hours.

Not quite the situation in Manhattan.

I got a referal to a service.  I spend the day sending emails while I dashed in and out of shops in Soho.  I had it all worked out.

Until I woke up yesterday to a message that it was impossible. At least that’s what the original vendor said not too nicely.

So as I stood with a juice facing the New York Times building in front of Port Authority about to scream. I could think of nothing to do to fix this. I was being talked to like I did something wrong. I was hot.  I felt like one big ball of stress.

With literally 6 hours left in town, I finished my juice, walked around the city for a few blocks and in the flow of things again I decided to roll to 28th Street- the plant street-  with my luggage in hand to see what was there.

Breathing deeply, wandering a smll street of plants, I came upon a store with a flash of fresh green. A man outside asked me if I needed help. I had pretty much let go of the need to solve this in a rush by the time I’d walked this far in the 90 degree heat.

“I need 110 plants. Today. That will live and thrive inside. What do you think?”

“Ok, sure.”


That launched into an hour-long conversation. We knew the same people in LA. His girlfriend lives walking distance from my house.  There was understanding.  There was ease.  There was a solution, and a more lush and green and better one in so many ways that I could never have imagined.

When I was angry, indignant and panicked, no answers came.

When I decided to explore and roll with things, it all fell together.

Are you too worked up and tense to find a solution to what you need?!

Take a time out.  Drink a juice.  See some art. Now, go fix it!

Find your people. You don’t need to entertain craziness. Or explain yourself or prove yourself or anything else. It takes too much time and energy to explain yourself when you need to be doing things!

I found an Uber driver I loved yesterday.  He was super cool.  We had great talks.  He became my driver for the day.  We shopped.  We took meal breaks.  We went to the airport.

I found so many friends along the road of life that I love working with that I’d never work with nighmare people.  I have no desire and no need.  Mind you: I used to work for lots of nightmare people.  I learned to dial down their influence and immerse myself in my life when I was not around them.  They couldn’t get more of me than they paid to have!

But really… do you know your people? The people you like to hang with? To workout with? To work with? To love? 

Knowing your people is a fast track to growing. You really connect. You have idaes without fuzzy nonesense and static in the way.  You get things done.  Brilliance emerges!

dana claudat at mind body green HQ designing the space

This is a piece of the project….about to get very green as planters fill up and spill out gorgeousness!

Give yourself the energy to thrive. Thriving means eating, drinking, sleeping energy. It means laughing, exploring and celebrating. No one really thrives when life is limited in energy.

Did you eat enough today?  Do you need a nap? Water? A break?

Keep yourself energized and you’ll stay more magnetic.

It might take a bunch of habit switches to make things flow more automatically, but if you just think in terms of energy moving smoothly, no matter what is happening, you’ll find a way to grow with the flow…!

xoxo Dana


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  1. Lauren

    You are the best, Dana!!!! Love your positive flow 🙂

  2. Annie

    Brilliant, inspiring. Came just when needed. Thank you.

  3. ATHIRA J.S.

    I really liked the idea of making things flow more automatically. Energetic , magnetic & smart !


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