This Incredible Thing Called The Vivaxis & How To Use It To Thrive

Sep 11, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

An Amazing Way To Detoxify Your Days!

Home is a really important thing to me. It’s everything.  It’s your Tao.  Feeling at home. Being at home. Creating home wherever you go.

I just learned something recently that blew my bind.  Your birth home- energetically- is a place you may be magnetically tied to.  It’s the Vivaxis.  It’s what your body draws energy from, even if you are thousands of miles away from home.

And you can change where that Vivaxis cord is attached. By doing so, you can, as the theory goes, change your life.

I tried it.

It is awesome so far!


Apparently the Vivaxis was discovered in the 1960’s by Fran Nixon.  Judy Jacka wrote a book about it.  She talks about how the condition of this magnetic cord affects us every day.

Imagine the place where you were born.  What’s happening there now?  I was born in Jersey City when it was a crime capital of the US.  Since I was born the city has gone through a renaissance but also an insane amount of construction and development.

I’ve always felt out of place wherever I was.  I wondered if all this turmoil- and the reimagining- created unrest in me.  I wondered reading about the Vivaxis if this is why I became obsessed with creating “home” everwhere I go?

In her book The Subtle Body Practice Manual, Cyndi Dale offers a wild explanation for unexplained chronic conditions physically… and feelings of ill-at-ease that don’t dissipate.

You may need to MOVE your Vivaxis.

Let’s say you were born in a city that now has been through a crisis whether ecologically or in society.  You may be affected by the state of that city where you are rooted.   So, if you move your Vivaxis, you get a new power source.

Pretty trippy stuff.

I figured I had nothing to lose so I sat down last night and started breathing and imagined the cord – like an umbilical cord- typing me to Jersey City.  It’s so industrial and I am not that industrial.  I was ready.  I tried moving my Vivaxis.

As Cyndi Dale describes it… you simply get relaxed, you see the cord, and then you re-plant it in a new place you pick.  It’s a place you are at home at.  So I picked Nature.  North Carolina. In the mountains.

I felt refreshed.   Did it again.  Felt more refreshed.

She says that you can do it over and over again until you feel grounded and well if you’ve been feeling unwell.

I feel fantastic and it’s worth a try.

Whether or not the Vivaxis is real… I love this way of conceptualizing home.  And it feels right to me.  If you try it, please let me know what happens!!!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Parker

    Donna Eden writes about this in Energy Medicine too, right?

  2. Denise

    So cool! I’ve never heard of this, but since I was born in Trenton, I might need to consider it.

    • danaclaudat

      i hear you! it was a big exercise for me! good luck!!!



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