10 Inspired Ways To Upgrade Your Lifestyle & Find More Possibility This Week!

Sep 13, 2015 | Creativity

10 Inspired Ways To Upgrade Your Lifestyle & Find More Possibility This Week!


The details are where the pleasant life obsession begins.  The scent, the color, the sleek curve, the poetic phrase…the better method to make a cup of tea… It’s where the passion starts.

Today- from zucchini sliced in a more genius way to nail-polish-paint brilliant vases, city-size murals to stargazing- the inspiration runs in many expansive and, yet, simple directions! With the energy of yesterday’s solar eclipse echoing through the next few months prompting a new way to do things with more attention to details, it’s a great time to explore the boundaries of life much more.

Dana D’s round up this week is delicious, ingenious… and a visual paradise!!

I hope everyone is off to a stellar start with the Cash Camp.


(chocolate & zucchini)

Every now and then I find a new way to do something that I always do better. And THIS is one of those instances. Something simple – slicing a zucchini. I have a few still from this summer’s bounty and I’m going to use this new slicing technique. And I think I’ll also apply it to my fall carrots too! It will make roasting and grilling them better because of all the extra edges and crispy bits.

(sophie uliano)

This mango turmeric smoothie looks fun and delicious with lots of health benefits. I’ll probably add some Mushroom Matrix  to up the healing qualities.

Nail Polish Vase by Sarah Johnson

Oooooh, now for some DIY fun. Marbling vases and vintage tin succulent planters from Sarah Johnson. These are right up my alley as I’m incorporating more indoor plants to revive and freshen up my home. I’m lucky to live in an area with lots of second hand stores, so I will keep my eye out for some hidden treasures to refurbish and make my own.

DIY Rope Basket Tutorial

Yes to this DIY project too from I Heart Organizing! I love the idea of making my own rope basket like they have at fancy stores. I think they’re beautiful in the right colors.

The British Library put over 1,000,000 photos online. Going through them is fun and fascinating as it provides a window into often forgotten history as well as art. My favorite so far is the architecture album.  Take a look HERE and see what inspires you.

This is absolutely fantastic! A Belgian community that stpped cars in streets to create a community park.  I love when people take a great idea and make it come to life. THIS is an awesome example of a neighborhood coming together to enrich each others lives and bring some much sought after outside living to their lives.

Mexican City Grafitti

(good news network)

Holy wow, talk about an abundance of vibrant happiness. Graffiti artists painted an entire town in Mexico and the result is glorious.

Dahlia Parade

(this is colossal) 

Dahlias, one of my favorite flowers, and there’s a parade for it! 

And…HERE is some more passionate color use in art. 

Where do you live? Want to see your city at night or explore the Earth from above? Look HERE and see what beauty you live in as seen from the space station.  And on that note, if you want your city to have more dark sky look here for resources.

Have a fantastic week.

All the best,


Dana D. is a perpetually curious professional life student, domestic engineer, and astronautical engineer by degree. She loves to explore new neighborhoods, museums, meet people, and pet strange dogs. She believes that all miracles are huge and that you never know what the day will bring – so be positive, happy, and grateful.

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