Here Is Why I Love Mercury Retrograde (& You Will Too!)

Sep 24, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Feng Shui To Love Mercury Retrograde!


Mercury Retrograde. I’m not gonna lie: it’s a ride sometimes when this gorgeous planet of communcation slows down in the sky.

It’s been a trip this time through.  There’s no hot water in my house, my voice started to go…and of course… I thought so many people were mad at me (? for no reason? ) because, well, it’s just a little bit slower in certain ways.

Or is it?

Or… is that slow-down something fantastic?!

This is my all-time favorite time.  I learn in the spaces between things.  I get inspired when I’m out on a limb.  I like being tested to see if I can flow in all kinds of extremes. I love the slow-down.

Mercury Retrograde is also when people flood back into my life like my friend who did a full-fledged rolling-in-dust hilarious nature hike with me yesterday… and more… and more.  Yayoi Kusama with my dear friend a little later… a flood of friends at GreenFestival this weekend…  Loved ones are raining down on life and that’s always a great thing.

Flow with Mercury Retrograde and it’s something of a portal into a new world.

Slow down. Breathe. Stop reading into things.  And flow.

The next few weeks will be full of magic.

(And, at my house, hopefully hot water at some point, too!)

Here’s my reverie of Mercury Retrograde, feng shui style…

xoxo Dana



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