5 Feng Shui Ways To Make Your New & Amazing Habits Stick!

Oct 8, 2015 | Prosperity


A new habit needs love.

It has to come center-stage.

It needs energy, care and order to thrive.

We’ve all pulled a new habit into our lives- that month of yoga meant to be a lifetime, the healthier eating, the morning hikes- only to see it dwindle in the light of the normal that we’re used to experiencing.

There are a few ways that your space & lifestyle can help you make habits stick.  The small shifts can create a huge change.

Got a new habit or two? Make ’em stick.

1.These new habits come first.  Schedule them first, before anything else, as much as you can.   I had to literally race out of my house when an alarm buzzed when I trained for the LA Marathon. If I had a extra 10 minutes to make tea, all kinds of thoughts and excuses of the day would seep in and stop me from running. Literally a few minutes can let the thoughts slip in.  If you are joining a class or committing to a coach, someone with a firm cancellation policy will motivate you like nothing else.  No one wants to pay for a service they don’t use, and this tactic helps shape time and create accountability.

2.Buy your own gear or special goodies.  The more I personally invest in a new habit the more invested I am in seeing it through.  A little note on this: Things we don’t pay for are often not as valued.  If you’ve been gifted expensive clothes from an ex, you know how fast that can turn into everyday clothing when the relationship crumbled.   Like the Louis Vuitton giant satchel that became a gym bag before it was dumped in a donation bin!    When you pay for things, you want to nurture tham and make the best of your investment. If you’ve purchased workout gear, yoga classes, new cookware, a set of books, an online course… chances are you’ll want to make the very most of it!

3. Subscribe to a magazine devoted to your new habit– an actual one that is printed and can be on display prominently.  Digital magazines count as well, and joining email mailing lists from experts in the area you’e changing are all awesome… but try to keep actual, physical  reminders in your space.  If magazines won’t work, what about some books?

4. You can’t ever have enough reminders to stick with your habit.  Post-it’s, phone alerts, alarms, artworks, meditation sequences filled with affirmations… You can’t have enough ways to remind yourself of your new ways.  When you are reminding yourself in words, focus on the positive “You are climbing mountains and you look and feel amazing” rather than “You are no longer a lazy bum sitting around all day.”  Big difference!

Tricks To Making Habits Stick

5. Of course, the ultimate in organization is to distance yourself from everyone who will try to tempt you off your new path.  When you’re committed to a new way, not everyone will always support you.  Don’t make it harder on yourself. Make that big space-clearing change and you’ll be able to redefine yourself in ways that old friends may not be thrilled about.  Chances are, you’ll either inspire them or you’ll find some new people more resonant with what you are up to in this new version of life.

Whether it’s quitting a huge destructive habit or shifting to greater health or committing to a new creative project, stopping something and starting something new is the ultimate in fresh life force energy.  Every single day, celebrate all you’ve done!

xoxo Dana


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