Feng Shui To Get Back Into The Flow Of Life When Things Aren’t Working Out

Oct 9, 2015 | Prosperity

Feng Shui To Get Back Into The Flow Of Life When It Goes Off Track

Have you fallen off your feeling of success, however you define it?

It sucks more than almost anything else in the world to not know why, and worse, still, to not know how to get back to where you once were.

But you can. Right now. 


Every time I’ve been truly obliterated by the tides of the world, I’m reminded of one thing:


Cause and effect.

Somehow I created whatever is happening.  And there’s some way to create my way out of wherever I am when I’m not doing great.

It isn’t the stars, the moon, the Tarot, the oracles or the vibes or a wrathful ghost or anything else that leads the way.

Somehow, in some way, I created what’s happening and it’s up to me to fix it.

It doesn’t matter who actually created the problem, when it lands on your lap it’s all you to fix it.

It’s an inside job.

And the universe tends to have your back if you want to make it right again.

You’ll find me chanting almost breathlessly in my Buddhist temple for hours for part of the time of fixing my own streaks of karmic wildness.  It’s my way of tapping in to life when I’ve come unhinged from the flow of things.

You might meditate, go hiking, take a nap or whatever else helps you to tap in.

Whatever you do, try not to escape.

My way of dealing with things going off track used to be sugar, wine and chotic relationships.  I’d want to run as far away as possible from life, and once I even ran all the way to Spain, because I didn’t know how to tap back into the flow.

Then I took up the art of self-denial and rigor, the workaholic pace that shut out anything except success from my life. I managed to not succeed while lookimg very successful.

Those are two methods of avoiding rather that fixing things.  Checking out in toxic ways just took me far away from solutions.  Berating myself sort of justified how little I deserved to have anything I wanted anyway.

Sink into whatever’s happening.

See it without judging it.

It may really suck.

But if you think of everyting that’s sucked in the past that you’ve made it through, you can definitely do it.

Usually after a wgile of sitting in something I realize that the only way to get it back on track is to focus on it freshly.  Think about what worked in the past to keep you on your wining streak.  Where did you fall off your habits? What can you do again that lifts you back up…?

I had a client who always did a walk at 4:45 in the morning (or yoga) before intense days started.  Success pulled him away from that habit…

Suddenly he wasn’t really in his flow.

Life became cluttered, all kinds of noise replaced that calm of the sunrise and things fell apart in short order.

One simple habit restored the day. A walk. That was it.  And… almost magically a life in flow was restored.

It isn’t long hours at work that make for powerful lives.  It can be your Tai Chi, cooking dinners every day for your family, a ten minute meditation… Simple tings. Things that help you stay full of meaning, full of love, infused with joy…

There’s always a set of habits that support successful lives, no matter how you define success. When they slide, sometimes life slides with it.

Or there are the mistakes that get made.  The wrong turns. The days where life is just not working for you. We’re not perfect, and everyone messes up…

But that same thing always works, no matter how simple it sounds:

Tap into life

Get and stay in the flow of habits that lift you up.

It will get you through.

You will get you through.

xoxo Dana



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