10 Gorgeous Doses Of Cosmic Art & Wellness Inspiration!

Oct 18, 2015 | Prosperity

Tabletonic, One of Ten Amazing Sparks Of Art & Wellness Inspiration

Today, I’m so deeply inspired by Table Tonic.  This shop, bursting with feather hats and metallic sacks and garland and kilim and suzani and more… I mean, I always am drawn to this shop… but today in particular I’m moved to Australia to shop with abandon at Louise Bell’s Avalon paradise.  I’m putting it on the 2016 list.  Australia.  Must Go.  You can get obsessed with all things Table Tonic right HERE.  

And today, of course, Dana D (not me, a genius other Dana) always has great ideas and inspired thoughts. Today:  the greatest from cosmic art to apple detox potions, here are 9 more ways to make the week sparkle a little brighter…!  

Sometimes my brain itches. My daily life derails my ideals for play and nature, and I find I need to step back and have a play date. While I wait for daylight to go to the park or plan the next outing, I look at a site like THIS.  It gives me the warm fuzzy that all is well and waiting for me to come back. Mother Earth never lets me down. 

On a similar note, I was just at the beach and I have a hard time opening my eyes under water. It scares me! I have no idea why, it’s nothing but remarkable. Maybe I think I’m going to see this  … which would actually be very cool.

I’ve been reading more and more about neurogenesis, adults growing more neurons. It’s unsurprising that what we eat and our activities affect neurogenesis. But, scientists are able to tie behaviors and diet to moods and depression – or a lack thereof. Intriguing stuff, Dr. Sandrine Thuret talks about neurogenesis in THIS TED talk. 

Reverse oil paintings on glass…..soooo pretty.

Vitor Schietti

And Vitor Schietti’s lightening trees. 

​I saw this Apple Lemon-Ginger Juice on Facebook and thought it would be a good recipe to include this week. A nice reminder of a gentle detox drink during the day. Plus it celebrates apples, which I am always all about. ​

Hay House Recipes
Apple Lemon-Ginger Juice
By Doreen Virtue (via Facebook)

This is a powerfully detoxifying drink! Apple-Lemon-Ginger also delivers a potent energetic jump start to any day and can be enhanced by adding cayenne pepper to further open up the lymphatic system.

2 apples (Fuji and Braeburn are our favorites!)
½ inch ginger root
2 lemons
2 tsp. cayenne pepper (optional)

Prepare ginger root for juicing by peeling the outside skin with a vegetable peeler. Prepare apples by slicing into 4 equal parts around the core. Cut or peel the skins from the lemons and discard. Begin by juicing lemons and the slices from one of the apples; and then add the ginger, then the rest of apple, until all ingredients are well juiced.

When juice-fasting, this drink is a great way to open up the chest and the vital organs of this area and promote blood circulation throughout the body. We recommend that you double this recipe during all-liquid diets and enjoy first thing in the morning.

Now to the cosmic.

I’ve never considered how the Earth’s gravitational pull affects the moon – only how the moon affects the Earth, with the tides and therefore the shaping of our oceans and land, it affects Earth’s axis of rotation, and our weather! But, it turns out the Earth is shaping the surface of the moon!  THIS is incredible. 

Eugenia Loli

What I like about these collages by Eugenia Loli is that I would never have thought to combine vintage magazine and textbook pictures. It’s another petal in flower of art. I love that.
I am contemplating buying a bushel of apples so I have enough to make this apple sugar as well as all the other apple treats this year. What do you think?

I hope your week is as uplifting and Full of fall freshness as ever!

All the best,
Dana D.



Dana D. is a perpetually curious professional life student, domestic engineer, and astronautical engineer by degree. She loves to explore new neighborhoods, museums, meet people, and pet strange dogs. She believes that all miracles are huge and that you never know what the day will bring – so be positive, happy, and grateful.


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