The Balanced Beauty Of Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Oct 30, 2015 | The Beautiful

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

While the not-so-great-for-you aspects of traditional deodorant have been well-documented, shockingly there are very few natural deodorants that actually work.  But, thanks to Chantal Moore, Schmidt’s came into my life!  If you’ve been searching for an aluminum-free deodirant that is a delight (um, check out the natural scents above!), this one’s for you!

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

From Chantal:  “In case you didn’t yet know- Schmidt’s fabulous all natural deodorant now comes in stick form. I’ve been using Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in the jar forever so when the stick version of my favorite aluminum free deodorant was released I was elated. The stick does away with the need to use a small cosmetic spatula or your fingers for application. The same all day, non greasy, all natural protection remains.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Aluminum free, Paraben free, Phthalate free, Gluten free and certified Vegan.

Check out the entire award-winning Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant collection HERE. 



chantal moore Chantal Moore works closely with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and film.

Her beauty and makeup advice regularly appears in such magazines as InStyle and Glamour, and she has appeared on television as a beauty expert for E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network and Fine Living Network.



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